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Growing up in a world that appears to be oranges and butterflies. Then it realizes itself as dog d*ck suckers and eunuchs.

This world is not a well spring of life filling up from the ground. The surface is the end of the world. This world is a repeating pattern of the final remaining burnout embers, shipping all of the meat to hell.

I offer knowledge.

You cannot handle the truth, begin reading Fifo2ed first. The material will assist you to transition from the things you have been taught to the way things really are. Then read BSM. It's gory but you need it. After you understand how things developed to be this way then you should read the sphinx materials. If you care nothing for the background material then stay with the prayer, practice, and rehabilitation sections.

Nobody is able to give to you a sure path to heaven. Even if you practice religion the only answer is to continue to work on it. If, however, you would theorize on known good paths to hell; would they involve pyramids of witches sucking dog d*ck for money? Try to stay out of hell.

mapfortu: is there a rootkit bit that lets you turn on and off the background rootkit that the sysops use?
mapfortu: people learn to trust their sysop as they trust their mortician. then they forget that the sysop behind the mirror is always watching.
mapfortu: never forget that the morticians have a product line and performance review and bills to pay, too. :)
mapfortu: tell me, green eggs and ham sunny-boy… in which direction does the sun rise? the plants grow? the food chain run? which direction is it to hell?

In all of scripture, either you had the living eyes or else it wasn't worth mentioning.

This is what we do in La Jolla, CA, 92037, in 2014. This is what we do every day. The millionaires parade around in their untouchable gang district and show off their dogsex and pedophilia scenes trying to make the homeless man upset. The homeless man gets to tell them that they are going to hell. This is what we do every day. This is our daily game. They show off and glorify all of their sexual perversions, every day we take our little shots and jabs at each other, and sometimes they get to try and call the police. That is every day life here in La Jolla, CA, 92037, in 2014.

Mapfortu is court neuromancer for Silverspur's Stronghold (SS). SS is the world's most secure data center offering connect only over POTS that most common forms of network stack attacks are neutralized. More information about SS and other administrators of SS may be found online.

140108 SAB

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