Steven Allen Baumeister

Steven was born in 1975. The current focus of life is to improve personal health and perfect personal performance through dutiful observance of the "path of the Lord" or the "path of Jesus Christ". The publically available scripture is full of hundreds of admonishments to the evil and destructive nature of monetary wealth, financial gain, and legal tender resources. The pressures and demands of modern life block most of the people from actually pursuing a mode of life dedicated to auditing the path of the Lord much the same as a programmer would audit a block of code or an entire code base. Through the practice of an suitably evolved and adapted religion, including introspective elements of that religion as it existed and developed over the span of time, such improvements and perfections have been so astounding as to merit the publication of the accounts of progress and include references to key points of scripture which may facilitate other people to make note of and appreciate the quality of life promised by the truly adhered to path of the Lord.

Steven is also involved in a global mechanism, existing since even before the beginning of recorded scripture, of counting, assessing, balancing, and accounting the financial and natural resources of the world to a singular identity. The full ledger of the accounting is kept in multiple forms: on paper, in debt lineages, in enormous financial empires, in the wealth of nations and, most personally, in the process of mummification. Mummification is a deliberately choreographed process which performance of the process counts, assesses, balances, and distributes the total accumulated finances numbered in the artistry of the mummified flesh. Steven was chosen at birth to be a mummy.

130626 SAB

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