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Reader's Guide to the Sphinx (130831)

In the reader's guide the goal will be to compile quick access to complex concepts which form integral parts of the topic material but may not be discussed in full measure in any one particular location.

Physical Rehabilitation (130701)

The main emphasis of Mapfortu's writing is the full physical rehabilitation of individuals; allowing them to attain a level of performance which will escape the monetary system of "Chinese box"es known as the sphinx. Successful rehabilitation is never complete. Follow the rehabilitation routine in BSM (below) or, for easier reading, consult the Fifo2ed (below) "Self" and "Prayer" sections. When a full routine of personal exercise, according to the rehabilitation routines, has been established then include the update modifications included in this addendum.

Template Timeline (140131)

Template Timeline takes the material of BSM and Fifo2ed, based largely on publicly available St. Joseph edition New American Bible scripture, and explores the range of that material's application to the architectural remnants of the civilizations which spawned that scripture. The enormous manpower projects resulting in the great pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, the great wall of China, the great sphinx of Egypt, Stonehenge, and Woodhenge necessarily left behind stamped influences in the structure of society and the roles of classes of people. Template Timeline explores how the roles and classes of people from those ancient civilizations continue to functionally operate in the modern day digital electronic world.

Rolling Cues (130430)

The great pyramid of Egypt, the great wall of China, and the great sphinx of Egypt are known, at least philosophically, to architecturally model a set of events, situations, decisions, occurrences, and rituals in the lives of human beings. The system of cues may be considered analagous to the cues of a movie script or the cue cards of a movie production set. The system of cues may also be considered analagous to a highly interrelated set of computer programs running inside of in operating system. The bible compendium of scripture, then, is not entirely a serial collection of prose. The bible compendium of scripture is a conglomerate CVS tree of the cues as they have been collected and refined for thousands of years. Rolling Cues elaborates on a methodical reverse engineering or decompiling of the bible scripture by identifying significant historical landmarks which would have necessarily affected the order and arrangement of the cues.

Previous works

(released through Prime Minister Lewis Hairpinblue)

Biblical Scriptural Macabre

BSM was begun as a collection of one-liner comic interpretations of daily scripture read in the daily Roman Catholic mass. Over the course of some months the nature of the double meanings began to coalesce and reinforce themselves together. The opportunity was taken to compile the similarities and structure them that they may be checked for validity and either proven as compatible or proven incompatible and removed. The final edition of BSM presents the thorough accumulation of the objective interpretations which proved to be compatible across weeks of scriptural selection and some of the subjective interpretations which carried larger scope of applicability.


Fifo2ed was a dedicated effort to accumulate all of the material from BSM and present it again with an improved overhead structure and more ready association with modern day life and situations. Some new material was added BSM material provided insight to daily scriptural selections included in the continuing practice of the daily Roman Catholic mass.

Demonstration of Scientific Analysis

The Demonstration was compiled to again present the aggregate material from both BSM and Fifo2ed in a format completely different from table of contents prose structure: the format of a scientific paper modelled on the professional American Chemical Society. The experimental apparatus was considered to be the human body itself, incoming data and experimental material considered to be the five senses and the dedicated practice of a religion designed to completely occupy the course of a day, and the product data was considered to be the aggregate material from serial daily writings (HomelessinLaJolla) and both the objective validity and subjective agreement of the material in BSM and Fifo2ed.

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