The Upper Room

Physical Rehabilitation

There are multiple updates and additions to the physical rehabilitation material. Sections will be separated.

The upper room is the area above your palate inside of your mouth. Place your tongue on the tip of the bell in the back of your mouth. Shove your tongue up your nose. Elevate the "roof" of the upper room and lower the "floor" of the upper room to prevent sneezing or choking. All sneezes and chokes related to the upper room are, in fact, completely trained faults. Successful practice of rehabilitation will eliminate all such events.

The nature of the rehabilitation system remains "in out up down open close left right", where "down" and "close" are not really down and close, but slightly relaxed from "up" and "open". With the tongue in the upper room continue to practice all I/O/U/D/O/C/L/R mechanisms, especially those on the face (eg. the corners of the mouth, the dimples, the various sections of the cheeks, the ears, the tip of the nose, the eyebrows). When breathing in, flatten the bottom of the tongue against the floor of the upper room and push the tongue forward as far as possible (surprisingly, there is no near end to your nose and brain). When breathing out, flatten the top of the tongue against the roof of the upper room and push the tongue forward as far as possible. When breathing in stick the chin out, an underbite, and flatten the top and bottom molars together. When breathing out, bring the bottom and top front teeth together and then allow the teeth to open gently to the end of the breath. Novitiates to the method may fear choking themselves; impossible. All breathing faults in the upper room are completely trained events and deliberate blockades to prevent the individual from clearing the trained failure mechanisms.

In order that an individual not become susceptible to in/out faults with the up/down control of the tongue; practice the IOUDOCLR mechanism with the tongue in the lower room and in reverse. The lower room is the area of the mouth below the bottom teeth. When breathing in, with the tongue straight and flat against the front of the mouth below the lower teeth, lift the tip of the tongue to the ridge just below the lower teeth. When breathing out, flatten the tongue to the absolute bottom of the entire mouth.

Recommended practice is in excess of dedicated hours daily. Practice counting with the tongue in the upper room. Practice prayer with the tongue in the upper room. After a time the individual may develop the ability to talk completely with the tongue in the upper room. This is the visage of the heads of Easter Island.

The eyes. A large portion of choreographed faults and failures are related to neurologically wired connections between the eyes and the tongue. Stutters, stammers, and fumbles in speech are often deliberately provoked by exploiting known connections between the tongue and change in field of vision or eye movement. Such exploits allow the examiner to recognize priorities of desire by allowing test subjects or objects to enter the backfield of vision while conversing with an individual. Eg. In almost every nation of the sphinx even the neurological thought of "everything" is wired to elicit a response to draw the eyes to view the upper right "two o'clock" area of the field of vision. The Melchizedek One Hundred, as described in the rehab manuals, begins to soften those wired faults. Continue practicing the IOUDOCLR mechanisms. Raise the eyes into the top of the head, lower the eyelids to small slits barely allowing light inside. Rock the eyes left and right along the ridge of the dark area, do not look at the light slits. When on "left", concentrate on opening the left eye while retaining the light slit. When on "right", concentrate on opening the right eye while retaining the light slit. As the left right routine practice continues concentrate on never lowering the right side when swinging the eyes to the left, and never lowering the left side when swinging the eyes to the right. As the practice continues continue to increase the feeling of opening the eyes and face upwards while maintaining the lids themselves to slits and concentrate on viewing the dark plane above the light slit.

The left right eye practice lends itself exceptionally well to productive cooperation with the orders of the Roman Catholic religion; more effective coordination with the operating clergy without need for postural comminques or verbal interaction. Personal satisfaction with and exemplary performance in mass type settings will increase immensely upon successful practice of the upper eye mechanism.

Is your so - ap fo - ur? No way, man. My so - ap is fo - me, foo, 'cuz I poke it.

The Lord purchased Abram from Ur. Abram was a servant of the kingdom of Ur. This is not to say that Abram ever actually personally served Ur. Ur was a kingdom of phairies. The phairies had all the money. What, money? You mean this stuff? We have entire mountains of it, we've been making it since long before you cut down the foliage and learned preliminary technologies from the animals along the way. At one time the heirarchy and regimentation of the planet was based upon kingdoms of phairies from which the money was distributed. The carrot stick at the gates of hell was indeed the carrot stick at the door to a phairies palace; carrots were difficult for phairies to bite into but, if a human should soak a carrot with amylase laden saliva, then perhaps the phairies could take a nibble. There was a price to pay; phairies also know about catatonic knock-out power-saving modes, and the bugs have been around so long they know all about castor beans and insect venoms. One day, moistening the carrot stick for the phairies, the phairies will decide to claim the servant of the kingdom.

The point to consider is whether or not there actually was a dog dick carrot stick at true gates of hell as well as the carrot stick at the door to the phairies kingdoms. Quite likely that, after Samuel does away with the ritz purses and wine flagons for the phairies and transitions everything to paschal lamb bulk "the dead one's full again" deliveries, the temple created the green eggs and ham box as a model of times before the phairie kingdoms were made into reservations leading to actual hell.

As Abram's descendants were made numerous, and Ishmael's, near the entire world could be considered to be under the kingdom of "Ur" by now, especially now that all the phairies and the doors to their kingdoms are carefully guarded away and made into a one-way reservation. This is connected to the language in the fashion that everything is "fo - ur", including the important syllables of "so" and "ap", ensuring that the master-servant heirarchy always leans towards "fo - ur" and the master is most certainly not the human.

One could modify the counting such that "fo - ur" becomes "fo - ah". Retain "forty" as "forty", though, because the syllabylic construct is legitimate in its proper place without giving extra credit to "ur".

I cannot change the wikispaces material due to the $1 user verification policy but I have modified the BSM material to reflect the change to "fo - ah".

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