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A picture is worth a thousand words

Henri Rousseau. Flamingos. This picture corresponds with the view north on Herschel from the intersection of Herschel and Kline in La Jolla, CA, 92037. Other localities have their own "Flamingos" architectural areas. This picture represents the kingdoms of covenants of money which are accountable to the rainbowtard empire. The four flamingos are represented by the (invisible) four statue type ornaments featured in the front hall of the large building on the right with the black station wagon parked in front of it. The four flamingos represent specific cues in the pirate party and in the overall sphinx system. One of the flamingos is the passover lamb. Another of the flamingos is the queen of the jobbie pool. The queen of the jobbie pool catches the disembodied passover lamb's arm when it is dressed in an all denim costume; the "blue jean guy" in pop culture. Her interaction with the "blue jean guy" makes her the queen of the entire middle class jobbie empire of the world; for whatever that's worth.

Camel cigarettes. The front of a pack of Camel cigarettes depicts the chicken witch (resurrection) pole observation area in La Jolla, CA, 92037. The three small trees on the left of the pack represent the three scriptural trees (Ham, Isaac, Jesus Christ). The small pyramid next to the trees is a depiction of the grim reaper rainbowtard poles (the rainbowtard poles are a divided subset of the book of Enoch, depicted as the small pyramid), the front legs of the camel are the actual chicken witch (resurrection) stonehenge pole (and the fuzzy artwork inside of the front legs is a depiction of riding the tiger, tainting the navel, of the passover lamb; much more than the common joke of a man urinating), the remainder of the camel along with the large pyramid is an abstraction for the remainder of the great wall of China; the actions of the oriental population on the great wall of China meshing with the actions of the population underneath the pyramid system. Holding the pack of cigarettes up to the chicken witch pole and matching the the body of the camel to the large "we three kings" (plus the fourth persian dead mechanical king) places the neck and head of the camel to correspond with various lines of cues for specific upper level rainbowtards, Melchizedek, and bread box individuals. On the reverse side of the pack of Camel cigarettes, rotate the pack that the four trees are nearest to the top and hold them to the "we three kings" of the chicken witch pole—an abstration of the passover cues.

Chicago. The end of the Chicago fire featured a large rebuilding era. One notable architect, William Kerfoot, was said to have built a shack with a sign "all is gone but wife and children". That shack is Isaiah's "cattle shed", the veal closet for the man unable to move, the passover lamb completely restrained and held in place, along with the sultan completely restrained and held in place, to join the two together. "All gone but wife and chldren" is a reference to the complete delivery of the Isaiah chalice. The financial kingdom of new architecture after the Chicago fire, the entirety of Chicago's finances, were encoded on that passover lamb.

The Hobbit. The story The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, included a character known as "Gollum". Gollum is stumped on a riddle,"A box without hinges, key, or lid. Yet golden treasure inside is hid." Gollum experiences difficulties understanding the riddle until a memory of his grandmother comes to mind; a memory of his grandmother teaching him "to suck". Green eggs and Ham. Gollum, in younger years named "Smeagol", obtained the magic ring of power by murdering a friend of his, Deagol, who had found it. The "what's left for me" and entitlement "everything is mine" is a common neurological dysfunction experienced as a side effect of ingesting the lympatic material of the dog in the green eggs and ham procedure. Smeagol's insistance, pph,"It's mine, give it to me, it belongs to me, it's my birthday present!" is an exact interpretation of the prevailing neurological state of near every individual which participates in the green eggs and ham ritual. The physical depiction of the Gollum character in the Hollywood movie rendering of the Lord of the Rings story is based upon the physical appearance of a passover lamb.

Looking at a book on Venice the other day. The painting of The Old Woman is obviously the passover lamb. The mummification disfigurement looks almost identical to that recorded as the burn victim (that's not a burn victim, that's a passover lamb, what's in the bread box, being inspected before being stuffed back in the bread box or let out into a Jesus/Isaac life route to hell… some of the "burn victim" has been airbrushed to show details and indicate areas of "this means that" and "this area will be for $whatever", and the whole thing has been airbrushed to appear female). Recorded in another journal. The note in the woman's hand says "with time". An inside joke. You think profit margin is bad up here? You gonna learn all about bad prophet margarine down in hell. One hundred million every day. Passover lamb gets to go to hell. If he's a good prophet he'll tell you about it. If he's a bad prophet he'll end up there as a dog. That's another joke from a time before the kingdom of heaven stood as a proxy. Nowadays we have what's called the Hezekiah decision. If, upon being admitted to heaven (for your short and painful stay until they beat your ass to hell), you actually survive halfway up the resurrection pole process without whining too much then perhaps you will be granted the Hezekiah decision: take another lifetime on the obelisk or fifteen more years as a dog. Heaven isn't really so good at rolling quail sushi and polymorphing people into a dog anymore, usually they fail and ship the body to hell as having made the wrong decision. The obelisk decision washes all of your sins away (with pain from the obelisk treatment and the subsequent retraining for your new mission upstairs in your new position). The joke on "The Old Woman" is that could be the fate of the passover lamb.

In Venice is also a terrible head. Well, many of them, actually, because gala charade masque parties are part of the Venice culture. One in particular has caught note of many poets and observers. That's the passover lamb after the completion of the passover and just prior to the mummification. Even the goatcx guy, actually a two year old passover lamb after the Isaiah part of the script, doesn't quite look that bad in the face yet—there's plenty more of the passover night script to go after Isaiah. Consider the similarity to the left side of the mouth on the head to the disfigurement on the Old Woman. That's both from stuffing the passover lamb's mouth with the sultans, from clobbering the passover lamb back down with ring laden knuckles as the lamb attempts to get up after the sultan finishes (each and every time), and from ripping the passover lamb's mouth and cheek open, after the sultans have finished, when the three adult participants get back to work on the lamb, shoving its face in a bowl full of conglomerate poo and filth from all players, and diggering the glop up the lamb's nostrils and down its throat.

Coincidentally, same day, paging through a book of french watercolors I found HE Cross' "Sleeping child in a blue dress". You wouldn't know it, but that child has just completed the wedding party chamber portion of the passover night and is depicted as thrown onto the wedding bed. The baby's left ear has been bitten off by one of the sultans, and that child has already made the "Are you okay?" (laugh laugh) goatcx presentation. That baby there in that picture has been confirmed dead, heartbeatless, four times and a sample of the fluid inside of the abdomen has already been taken for taste test sampling to ensure that adonis has pummelled that thing into tobasco sauce. About two minutes after that picture the wife of the third sultan will be brought in to bitch smack that kid awake (licking his cheek) and the scene will begin again. The blue blanket the child is wearing is exactly the law of Moses "tie tassles on your blankets" and is exactly the blue blanket that you will happily submit to making one hundred million every day down in hell; else you don't get so much as that blue blanket when the lights go down and the cells get cold

Rene Magritte provides a nice set of stonehenge passover chicken witch resurrection cues with The Human Condition.

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