Deja Vu

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The world went to hell a long time ago. The current structural set available on the surface is what remains of an old system attempting to model the most complete possible set of clues and cues to maintain a record of the path by which the world went to hell, a roadmap to find the way back should any individual ever bother to make an effort for that purpose, and, in a practical and honest fashion, turn a profit and "make a living" from the way conditions currently exist.

The foliage layer has been regimented, all of the known gates to hell were found, all of the animal routes leading to the hidden gates to hell were exhausted to infinity, all of the animals were run down and captured into service a long time ago, all of them entered neurological cataonic frigidity or outright died, all of the methods for puppetting wires have been explored, all of the miniaturization of that technology has been extrapolated, and all of the uses of heroin to assist the neurological strings in what appears to be a dead model have been routed long ago since and then the sphinx was given a cracked skull because every little human mummy-pressed into animation (animal, "bad animation") has the core set of wifi available electrodes built in stock standard. The rainbowtards manage the corporate division of the MRI global neural net and the remainder of the Melchizedek divisions manage the executive and maintenance angles. Great for politics.

1820 - 1920. A skeleton crew of rainbowtards with representative skeleton crew of spies from the other segments of the table of the nations wake the huddling miserable near crazed humans out of the cellars where they had been starved and chilled in pain and suffering for two generations. The conditioning renders them near immemorative of speech and completely without writing implements or paper: anything combustible having been burned for heat in the first five years of their captivity. The skeleton crew managing the extraction process will be the beginnings of the "phonies" crew for the next four hundred years. The sacks being pulled out of the cellars will be the stock for the "jobbies" crew for the next four hundred years. The full digital capability of the remote control birds and animals, the MRI cannon, the globlal spy camera and microphone network, the dial-in PBX controlled "audio bonker" system (available sound bytes available in near any area at a decibel level just below the threshold of consumer available recording media), and the most basic implementation of implant mass intercom systems for group coordination is available. All models of the sphinx exist in the crowd at large whether or not known to those around them. The jobbies out of the cellars will kill each other for beans and blankets for forty years. The only language which maintains them in line with approximate compass north is latin. After forty years of grubbing some will begin to become comfortable in their hovels and now it is time to pick up small scale labor and construction jobs of which there are no end. When enough of the jobbies begin to discover and remember uses for paper and pencils then it is time to begin steering them to war.

1920 - 2020. Moving into wars and out of wars gives the phonie crew plenty of time to discover storehouses and storehouses of textbooks and history books. All old books, especially anything written by anybody out of the cellars, should be burned. Anybody talking about living out of cellars is crazy or remembering some old war or something, says so right here in this bright shiny history book, now shut up and die already, old fool. The phonie jobbie system begins to enlarge and more double agents within the jobbie ranks are needed. 1929 features an experiment to allow many more of the workers out of the cellars to have the chance to really know how to make a million dollars. With or without the money they are not surrounded by a family and community support system for lowering their food chain level to "human garbage" and many enter into the institution of suicide, learn the futility, and usually one of the routes to hell. New electronics and toys are brought out, generation generation as demand requires, from behind the great wall. If the Persians ever begin to notice a correlation between the vectors or dogs, the dead, and technology then Australia becomes the proxy; this always happens at one time or another as the carnival rolls on.

2020 - 2120. The popular introduction of the keyboard accessible internet to the jobbie population slowly and deliberately destroys their sensibilities due to the unstoppable availability of dead people pornography. Live pornography is rather expensive, video pornography at most consumer outlets features actors which are usually between fifty and ninety percent dead by the time a consumer is purchasing the material on the shelf. The internet, notoriously, features near one hundred and fifteen percent already dead actors by the time the mouse clicks the ip transmission. The life course of an individual walking through the preconditioned routes of the sphinx ensure that those individuals approaching end-of-life sequences and templates will exhibit shadows at their "sensibilities"; shadows under the pop media Star Trek Dr. Spock corners of the eyes and the shadows collecting at the wingtips of the right and left corners of the nose. Individuals which view internet porn, especially if they are practicing a "same thing" style religious mode of life, will take on and imitate those diminished sensibilities according to their appreciation of the individual display of artwork. Internet pornography delivers high quality and selection variety at an amazingly low price because those actors no longer require a paycheck or any safety net of support benefits to prevent them from pursuing future compensation packages. As the sensibilities of the population are broken down they will require more and more drastic displays of drama to maintain them in properly entertained distraction and the sphinx will begin to meter and portion out various displays of might, power, glory, and strength in addtion to its rather venerable knowlege of sewing with boogers, needles, and thread. The final passover lamb based upon the "old model" system is killed at the beginning of the twenty-first century; the surface branch of the temple will become haunted by the lingual tones of the "fourth dead sultan" and will modify the passover system to include four "live" (in a carnival where the "fourth dead sultan" is the old model, the one that yet appears to be re-animated; all newer models are near indistinguishable except for the eyes) sultans sultans and remove the dead one.

2120 - 2220. The sphinx kicks into high gear as the population begins to resemble popular media culture "Fifth Element" and "Blade Runner". The police become more cognizant that they have been duped into traffic stops and domestic disturbances by a sub-population of million dollar centurian felons and have the riot gear to deserve blinders. More and more of the population is educated to understand the concept of eunuchs, concubines, roosters, toaster blenders, and bah-ras. The surface branch of the temple, after experimenting with a generation of a passover lambs based on four "live" sultans, will be disgusted and disappointed in the results and will scrap the entire passover process to offer a carrot-on-a-stick messiah; a metric system equivalent for the passover lamb with a performance review on demand. Popular demand, fueled by boredom and a demand to be entertained mixed with a healthy dose of jealousy and spite, causes party favors and the black market penal system to allow select test subjects to be surgically prepared for carrot-on-a-stick, backpack delivered, chicken-glove, supply on demand, push-button popularity contest performance review systems, with or without decorative rail track and musical introduction. The absolute complete butchery is scheduled for 2180 when every and any adult individual must sign up for a backpack (and sign into their financial kingdom of button pushing networks), submit to qualify for entry into the cellar society, or attempt to afford the spaceship furance fired up to hell.

The surface carnival is sandboxed entirely by the kingdom of heaven in the mine down below. The kingdom of heaven is what remains of the upper echelon of the Egyptians on the table of the nations. Joseph, Joseph, what are you claiming with that fake lambskin coat? What do you think we're doing over here? We're mummifying babies, stupid! Every time you are even a little upset you want to pull out that fake lambskin coat and claim some sort of priveleges or markers or expemptions or tokens. Eat like you're in flight, *hmmmpHHH!*, that's to hide the evidence because your coat is a fake! This isn't the first time the temple has run the model of how the world went to hell. That is the purpose of the temple. Never tell a priest that he is doing something or anything wrong. He is participating in an entire organzational structure which has, since the foliage layer was much thicker, done nothing but model the world around it (picture half-blind druids waiting for leaves to fall off of trees and then gently aligning, stacking, and pressing them). Now the sphinx walks back and forth on the great wall of china and, every four hundred years, runs through the same sequence of hopping and skipping up and down the pyramids, managing all of the people below it, keeping passover lambs as registers to mark its current path and direction, and shipping all of the meat to hell.

130430 SAB

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