Building Cities

The construction and improvement of cities and their architecture picks up where the pyramid projects left off. At the time when the first witches were taken from trees, to the time when the final tree is standing of its own financial resources, to the time when the men of Ninevah are no longer building their own houses, there were two modes of thought: creating witches will result in armageddon and apocolypse or a war to right all wrongs. Neither is true. The system only becomes worse.

Ninevah was a surface community of humans and eventually developed indoor plumbing and sanitary facilities to accompany a world already full of thread, fabric, blankets, fire on demand, metalsmiths, a pinwheel oscillating crystal transceiver, and a growing interest in magnetism. The progression of the witch system resulted in so many more lies, and lies, and obvious redirects and scams and push-button heresies to make up for incompetent seance tactics. Ninevah became a retired model and each community was doubled for multiple reasons. Twin cities could be pitted against each other in clincial trials, blame could be endlessly assigned elsewhere, and new technologies incited many people to believe that they could build it better if they could only start over from the ground up.

Sodom and Gomorrah was the double blind clinical trial which resulted from a rewrite of Ninevah's building codes. The time of the first Sodom and Gomorrah template already exists within a world cut down to carrot tops. Every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner served globally is already mapped and charted out from farm to finish according to the crop circle constellations becoming increasingly visible in the night sky as the flower producing vegetation is slashed and burned down to the desert floor. To the credit of the designers there does exist a controllable timer irrigation system for useless grass and weeds.

The architectural model of Sodom and Gomorrah also features a system for continuing improvement. The nature of the architecture of the city is deliberately improved to assist you in banging your knee, assist you in banging your head, assist you in missing a step and falling, assist you in feeling alone and isolated and trapped, assist you in needing to do anything and everything just to have a little more else you may die of misery and neglect. Individual citizens within the cities are carefully tracked and interviewed that no outcry of "I could have been killed!" ever goes without notice and correction. Death is not what it is taught to be, anyway; there's a long way to go after the self-pitying motionless idiot is left for the mine gnomes.

121217 SAB

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