Passover Model

The approximation of the set of cues is also contained inside of the script for the passover. Within the architecture of Sodom and Gomorrah there exists particular locations containing the remnants of stonehenge appropriately decorated to resemble a structure describing the general format for the passover sequence. Many such monuments could exist in a circle resembling stonehenge, the entire circle representing the table of the nations, and each would have its own nuances, similarities, or interlocking sets of disagreements, odds and ends. Such a conglomerate form of monuments largely unnecessary and is likely not present in the area of viewing a singular resurrection pole monument.

The passover model landmark monument is most often seen within moden city architecture as a structure of electrical poles with three enormously large capacitors attached to them. The singular landmark model, the resurrection pole, or known as the "chicken witch" pole, may or may not be accompanied by a row of other similar electrical poles describing the table of the nations. The table of the nations describes the variants of passover models at work or being applied in regional settings. The main chicken witch pole in La Jolla, CA, 92037, is located at about 7600 Drury lane. Other well preserved viewing areas are viewing NNW at 7450 Eads (with the capacitor laden electrical pole above the CVS pharmacy store as the chicken witch pole), the front porch of the La Jolla library (with the Bishop's school as the great wall of China), and the back of the parking lot of the La Jolla library (with the building adjacent to the south as the great wall of China).

The resurrection pole, the passover model, does break down even to a local neighborhood levels. The particular nature of decorations, lines, tapings, brackets, and wiring attachments are in part structurally related to the subset of cueing arrangements most dominant in that particular area.

The tower gate of London is a perfect match to the chicken witch resurrection passover pole. Take one half of the bridge to either side, match the sloping bridge wires to the guy lines on the La Jolla edition of the chicken witch pole, and consider the four windows in a row near the top to be the "we three kings plus the fourth mechanical dead one" capacitors on the stonehenge chicken witch resurrection pole

130220 SAB

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