Structural Modelling

The regimentation of the land led to the usage of the extra materials generated. The materials resulting from structured regimentation of the land initially were used in firepits, kilns, ovens, and furnaces. Not until kiln accidents began dropping through the trees did the people find the surface of the earth to begin building upon, and the time of the final free standing tree not possessed by a financial kingdom should provide a target area for the beginning of any type of subterranean mining endeavor. The entire blacksmith realm of ores and metals would not have been present in a world of soap, thread, and trees.

The construction of the pyramids, then, is not a great work in itself. The bricks of the pyramids are reclaimed from the towers existing before them, the towers surrounding the various paths to hell before the land was regimented to the surface. The bricks are the compressed forms of the final lineages of humans considered to have been even close to metabolic fast; for the money they allowed themselves to be incorporated into the construction. The construction of the pyramids is the continuation of the devoted choreographed employed effort to cut the entire living world down to sand and surface and microcontrol the distribution of every single carrot, mushroom, and berry growing in the air.

The pyramid era modelling structures are, in today's world, static. The cues and roles which are defined by the wonders of the world will always exist exactly in the form they were last actually used. Modern day peoples may imagine that they are somehow connected by a lineage, of numerical and financial debt, to those roles and cues but have no real claim to any more than what their modern day cues have assigned to them.

The great pyramids model the roles and cues of the lives of the individuals that worked on the pyramid projects. The great wall of china was also begun about this same time.

Easter Island models the final roles of the individuals present at the time of the first surface community gatherings. The easter island models are terminated with the termination of the soap pokie line, the complete destruction of natural reproduction, the introduction of the obelisk, the regimentation of land to less than berry bushes and progressing to legumes, carrots, and poppies. The genetic lineage chosen to continue on as candidates for mummy are those of the final females.

Stonehenge models the roles of individuals within cities which were formerly populated by the roles of easter island.

Woodhenge rearranges and redistributes the roles of the stonehenge cues and creates a network of structurally evolving cities.

The structurally sound foundations of the cities allow for duplicative efforts and the development of scientific and clinical methods in addition to the electrical and wire technology. The trajectory endpoint for the surgical wounding processes lead to the creation of the sphinx: a model line for the various templates of surgical wounding. The completion of the sphinx corresponds with an era which witnesses the completion of the great wall of china. The great wall of china models the life paths for all of the people on one side of the wall. The sphinx models the daily and yearly activities for the people operating in pyramids of communities on the other side. The two sides leverage against one another through various financial mechanisms. Everybody is trained en route to the mine, hell.

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