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The stonehenge system describes a number of different paths which, together as a community, will indeed result in every participating member achieving death or, in an enlightened consideration, being physically transported to hell. Time passes and technology becomes more advanced, building structures become more prominent and more permanent, and the entertainments and hobbies of the people in their spare time necessarily evolve from one generation to the next as fashion and frivolity dictate. The old stonehenge occupations become outdated, unnecessary, or too old fashioned to be appealing to the upcoming generations but the operation of the system remains the same: people break down and eventually resign themselves to accepting their destiny in hell.

The social structure of interlocking professions, either fulfilling a functional purpose or filling the position required to advance another professional route along its progression to hell, forms into lineages of evolving professions. The cues managed by holy scripture fill the task of matching various professions with names and tracking their rise and fall, their balance with and against one another, through the generations.

A significant modification in the stonehenge system accompanies the establishment of the obelisk empire. The establishment of the obelisk empire occurs in timely fashion with the extinction of the soap pokie lineage of roles. The extinction of the soap pokie represents the complete removal of the final remnants of anybody with any ancient lore as a true mortician. The complete loss of the knowledge of a true mortician results in the rainbowtard empire and the explosion in popularity of the chicken gloving methodologies. The rainbowtards always begged for "what's left" from the temple of ancient morticians that actually know how to effect the death of the target for mummification. The rise in the number of torsos represents the rainbowtards not wishing to pay the tax to dispose of their sins properly; they cannot properly kill an individual. They will cut the arms and legs off but they lack those cues from the ancient morticians to actually get the torso to remain still—and all the abominations which arise due to that problem. When the representatives of the obelisk empire and the rainbowtards (the adonai and the concubines) kill off the last of the lineage of Zechariah then the knowledge for killing a human is completely lost to the surface population. Everybody must now go through heaven or straight to hell.

Listed here are generalized descriptions of career paths at a time after Zechariah's line has become extinct. More of the actual people are employed for the money, making nearly everybody in part a money servant, and there are fewer actual individual functional positions visible in the temple. The majority of the population is not taught the passover lamb system, they are carefully insulated from and maintained in ignorance of it, and the dominant career path is nearly every local area is subcontracted to a rainbowtard middleman and not even managed by a temple representative.

High priest. The remains of the end of the Zechariah line.
Scribe. The remains of the Levite line.
Prophet. One of: the career path of the passover lamb, or those that are devoted to the practice of the religion but avoid obligation to the temple proper.
Scholar. Works with the prophet to dragnet people to obligatory payments and purchases; works with the sadduccee to convict the prophet when the prophet is no longer profitable.
Saint. One of: those with enough money to afford a temple assessment of their level of sin, or those wishing to purchase a privelege in a contest of sins.
Sadduccee. Post-menopausal, conspires with the high priest to convict the prophet when the prophet is no longer profitable.
Pharisee. Eligible for a stork delivery.
Priest. Makes noise pleasing to the above ladies.
Tax collector. Makes noise displeasing to the above ladies.
Demoniac. Acts like a tax collector but makes all of the wrong noises at the wrong times, or none at all.
Servant. Performs according to contract.
Sex servant. Including sexual activity.
Green eggs and ham. With animals.
Money servant. Attached to their job.
Prophet-in-training. The career path of jobs given to the passover lamb in a community completely ignorant of the passover lamb system. The visual sight of a passover lamb is dismissed as "a terrible accident, nobody knows how it happened."

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