The Avenger

Check the Post

When the scripts began to demand it there began the inclusion of an individual which was rightfully justified in going around and checking people into a catatonic power-saving mode to be placed at the gates to hell, the gates to a phairies kingdom, the gates to the temple, or in one of the boxes or pools known to roll and rotate over and dispose of the body. All of the available options are subject to availability depending upon the age and era under consideration. The avenger of blood is that individual. The earliest known tax collector without any requirement for a kingdom or justification. Over time there will be many progressive levels of tax collectors but it begins with one.

The Jairus warlord is the modern day evolution of the top heirarchy of the avenger. Surrounded by a birdcast and very unhappy. The inclusion of a protruding third hand in front of the abdominally mounted special friend is the complimentary edition from the eunuch's empire.

130702 SAB

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