And other animals

A pink flamingo is likened to a pregnant individual. Inside of the abdominal chamber is contained a mummified monkey. The scripted component is similar to a warlord. The individual is surrounded by a birdcast or multiple birdcasts. They serve a purpose similar to a spider and fill empty and secret boxes in paths around top level individuals. As the monkeys were all pressed into chain-gang service and the remainder of the animals run to hell the pink flamingo is very important in that the mummified monkeys are quite possibly the last remaining actual animals (other than the insects, hell and surface) on the planet. Mad monkey doesn't die. Cut him up and bury him in pieces, Bartimaeus will storm back into town as angry as anything anybody has every seen. Good idea to keep him mummified and in place.

The entire concept of what is possible to be done with mummification was carried out first on monkeys. When the passover lamb was yet remaining in one piece the mummified monkey was already taking pirate parties and albatross comets. The concept of using a human baby as a paschal lamb is a result of the absence of remaining animals. The scripts have all been well cemented and perfected long before the human baby substitution was necessary.

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