Begin Making Big Mistakes

Mummifying babies, either monkey or human, does not necessarily imply that the babies were preconditioned ahead of time; proving either that recovery from near any injury is possible or determining which sets of injuries are possible to be recovered from through the practice of mummification. The system of branding and scourging develops not from the righteous practices of the paper pressers but from the drunken debauchery of the communities of Lillith and her husband. More and more the excuse for the drunks to disturb the paper pressers was simply the begging and pleading for another fire; the excuses of demanding baskets, twine, thread, or tunics having worn themselves out.

The temple of paper pressers then made a large mistake. They decided that the task of the paper presser was far too important to be disturbed by the doorbell. The doormen were taken from the newly emerging class of soap pokies. The paper pressers had managed their temples and their heirarchies long enough that it had become a practice, nearly as dutiful as pressing paper, to separate all fats and all ashes and begin tending soap on a professional level. Soap pokies were assistants to the paper pressers and, over the eons, the role of the soap pokie competed with the role of a threadmaster (formerly a paper presser wishing to take a break would tend to weaving baskets, twisting twine, or eventually experimenting with finer thread) as to which was the first assistant and which was the second. Humans are petty competitive like that when they are trapped in lives leading to hell. The soap pokies staffing the doorbell eventually grew to be separated enough from the task of paper pressing that, to them, a candle briquette was given hardly without demand. The drunks ringing the doorbell wore out their patience and, finally, the soap pokies began distributing candle briquettes on demand. They were subservients to the paper pressers, they knew how cold it was out there at night, and even if the hardship would do the drunks good they could not help but feel human empathy at midnight. By this time everybody in the society is already going to hell, but now the communities are evolving such that the common population has access to candle briquettes on demand. This segment of history also brings the intermingling of the drunks into the paper presser temple, the rising population of maimed and mutilated individuals yet serving some task or assigned role in society (on their way to hell), and the eventual complete raiding of the paper presser temples by maimed and mutilated drunks demanding recompense, justification, and free access to the stored products and materials of the temple. The completion of the siege of the temple system by the drunks is represented by the fall of Zechariah's lineage in roles. After the temple has been infiltrated there is short time until the practices and whims of the drunks begin piloting the course of the temple structure; everybody goes to hell.

People began burning down their homes, not knowing how to properly care for the candle briquette. The homes were yet high in the foliage layer as the land had not been cut down (or burned down) to the surface, yet. The paper pressers attempted to use the ritual tree on community occasions that they could train the people the proper methods for hanging their candle briquettes, care for them, extinguish them properly, and light them again at will; generally for the purpose that there not be a need to bother the doorbell of the paper pressers. None of the methods were effective and, irrespective of the paper pressers attempting to develop remedial methods, everybody is going to hell one way or another anyway.

The drunks had different plans for their candle briquettes. Branding and scourging each other for fun and drunken party games. Communities of drunks were known to patrol their borders and build walls and the only way to be allowed inside was to accept the branding procedure. Whether for fun and games or for some illegitimate social safety excuse, branding and scourging, the deliberate infliction of pain and injury on fellow humans, became a normal and accepted methodology. The cross pollination of the drunks branding and scourging methods with the mummified monkeys and mummified paper presser babies leads to the development of races: known injuries, known side effects of injuries, known progressions of physical remedial therapy (from the paper presser temple), and known limits of injury and age before mummification. A baby too young will not survive the injury (passover) segment of the ritual, a baby too old will turn into a boiled egg after mummification due to the accumulated aging in the brain.

Society progresses and the numbers being counted by the paper presser temple in the mummification rituals become larger and larger. It is only the next step that the paper pressers decide that, if the drunks and their soldier communities are going to continue on their course to hell, then the paper pressers will continue to use the bleeding edge branding and scourging technologies to track the sins and transgressions. This is helped along by the temple heirarchy already infiltrated by the lineages and families of the drunks, and eventually branding and scourging becomes so embedded in society that creations such as an "eunuch" or "loseth" or sex servant, a male modified to function as a female (as a lineage role, Adam), are produced as flagship product model lines.

130221 SAB

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