Son of Heaven

True Prophets

Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Now that we are using monkeys to pat down the paper it is possible that he may be fired up in the kiln. That's happened a few times already before actually getting around to starting the passover process on the kid ahead of time. Prophets emerging from the oven are very intense individuals, often demanding. We have experimented with goading and taunting them,"If you're so unhappy then walk right through that door." After being heated up in the kiln, though, they are fast enough to deal with the bugs at the first few levels of hell and then have the presence of mind to return. Passover lamb gets to go to hell. If he's a good prophet he will tell you about it. If he's a bad prophet then, over the course of his life, we'll run him down and roll him up into a dog and send him back there again. That's first and second age of the world material.

Third and fourth age prophets, upon completing their aging process on the surface, enter the kingdom of heaven and operate the foot-pedal component of the eunuch machine to weigh and assess all of the individuals underneath their particular kingdom of financial numbering. When all of the individuals under them have passed into hell then the corresponding passover lamb is similarly shipped to hell. There are about four thousand years for a top-level paschal lamb in the glass-encased foot pedal box. No time out. Weighing all of the jobbie subjects, against their water weight and a few hundred other little weights and balances rigged into the machine as the subject is held up in a Leonardo da Vinci style assembly (Michael Jackson yet hangs in one, they work on him with a dremmel tool in each pore, one at a time, to get every sound he may possibly make with his astounding vocal capacity), is not very entertaining work and the paschal lamb is usually a very dried out lifeless husk by the time he is allowed to go to hell. The paschal lamb then begins hell with credit, starting around year three or four thousand, and they wake him up and get him back into service without delay.

The paschal lamb is also mankind's most probable chance for ascending the tower of babel and achieving the state of a fire-hardened brick. There is the possibility that any of the other people in the world could take on the path of the Lord, leave the money behind, endure the hardship, and try for star status; thousands of years have seen the excuse,"If the prophet is not going to make fast, why should we? Next dart! Next chicken!" While the prophet is not making fast then he is used in bread boxes making money.

What happens if the prophet does make fast? What happens if Jesus doesn't get caught and killed? What if Isaac doesn't get run down into Job? What if Ham doesn't get sacked riding into save Japheth or Shem from the ignorant hillbillies and subhuman animal sex perverts? The temple has that taken care of because they wouldn't want to be caught on the side of the line stealing from anybody, false safekeeping and safeguarding and collections and all the applicable laws in the law of Moses. The temple has purchased a plot of land with a significant and corresponding investment that, should the prophet ever actually make it, they have the appropriate compensation package ready and waiting. The potter's field is actually the prophet's land; but he must make fast to claim the master privelege to own it. Over time, into the fourth age, the potter's field is now the nation of Yemen, and the destroyer which patrols it.

130702 SAB

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