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One foot in the grave

Green eggs and ham individuals are often cognizantly aware of their terrible fate; even if they are also stupidly convinced that, if father Abram couldn't make it, then they don't have much chance, either. Especially for those that were jumped into green eggs and ham beastiality participation as a toddler the mindset is "one foot in the grave, may as well keep going" on the "messed up as a runover three legged dog" "sucking hind tit" premise.

Ron's city are units of about two thousand people. Military field marshalls know the difficulties involved with managing groups of that size. How are groups of two thousand people choreographed together? Ten birdcasts, each birdcast is five groups of forty thieves. Each group of forty thieves is scheduled on day of atonement parties, each birdcast is refined that their day of atonement parties all interlace together to make up a successful year. Ten birdcasts managing an area together make up Ron's City.

Ron's cities may locate in a region, may travel around, they have their own portion of the wired intercom system. They have their own political system, their own representatives, their own ledger accounting for festival booth balance sheets, their own bank accounts, their own PPO and HMO plans, their own insurance carriers, their own realties and car dealerships. The gypsy group of Ron's city is designed to be completely transparent to the publically recognized regional government and to the jobbies. The birdcasts and forty thieves within Ron's city set up competing contests of targets. The scripts are designed such that the entire weight of Ron's city may be focused on a single target; inasmuch as that is possible for two thousand people going about daily life.

130629 SAB

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