Don't Stay Here

In the layout for the table of the nations there is a group of Egypto-Hebrews. The Egyptians and the Hebrews were, at one time, two separate populations (Melchizedek and Abraham). As the populations grew through the ages and produced the later lineages there was always a corporate sandwiching effect and many nations were squeezed out entirely. Both the Egyptians and the Hebrews were so important in the overall structure of the society that neither could completely do away with the other. The distinction between the two, Egyptians and Hebrews, was so important that neither could one assimilate the other. The upper echelons of the Egyptians and the Hebrews moved progressively further and further into the mine structure. The lower echelons were left out in the cold on the surface. There are gates to hell inside of the mine and the modern day mine gnomes do not live forever. They manage the kingdom of hell.

When the world was ending and coming to a close the temple structure desperately wanted a way to both stay out of hell and end it all. The surface of the world was visible, the foliage layer was gone, the fluoroluminescent layer wasn't even a memory more than a rainbow, and it would take some real good math to prove that the constellations are reflections of crop circles, the final remaining areas of living earth. The firmament of the sky had been affixed, making the stars twinkle, and catching the rain in a net as it free falls through thousands of feet of empty foliage layer.

The book of Exodus is listed to be written before Genesis. Why is that? Genesis is the recollection of Gad of what happened before he woke up. The twelve sons of Jacob Israel are the final twelve regents reigning over the final twelve segments of the great work to erect the pyramids, easter island, stonehenge, woodhenge, and the great wall of china. The final monks were to be pressed into the final bricks, those required to stay past the cutoff for the bricks would be stewed together for easter island and stonehenge, when the tun was empty the last few remaining would scrape the tun for woodhenge, and by that time the pyramid tombs would be just about complete and the last reigning regents, including Gad, would pirate party and passover prepare each other for mummification. Those which could not actually be mummified, because they had mummified the final remaining companions, would hope to passover party each other to a state from which they could never recover or, if they could, would never make it out of the bottom of the tomb. The final booger lemmings needed as servants would walk off, age, and find their own way to hell. The plan almost worked.

Then Gad woke up. With one arm, no tongue, no hips or legs, albatrossed, and completely beat to heaven's gate and back. In pain. When the pain subsided enough that Gad was positive that he could not make it back to sleep then, after enough time, he became bored. Then frustrated. Then filled with a mad determination to find a heat gun and some silly putty booger spackle. They already had all of technology, the entire wheel of technology, long before the surface and the end of the world.

Gad managed to claw his way to the door, through the door, down the hall, find a tongue (to stick that in the upper room and work on getting everything back in order), find a pair of legs, find crutches, find another arm. It would take two or three hundred years on the rehabilitation program to put himself back together in any real beach form, but it was enough that he could stagger down the hall, find the next fellow in line with him, and wake that lubber up, eunuch him, and send him upstairs to see if any of the other booger lemmings were left "in the wild".

Gad suffered from severe boredom and a disease known as Melchizedek's disease. He could not make it past the door and would never go for a walk. Gad made the decision to recreate the world as it had run before it reached the surface and met with hell on the other side of the wall; a running model. There were multiple reasons for this most notably entertainment and the tower of Babel. The tower of Babel was a legend to Gad, a story left over from a time when towers were larger and temples had anvils. The tower of Babel predicted that, if a human could be properly pruned and shaped and molded, then eventually they would reachieve something greater which they had been before. Gad was more interested in the entertainment value due to his inability to lock himself into stasis.

The kingdom of heaven features the full range of the wheel of technology. Humans had long since quit to achieve metabolic fast and espousal. The progression through the foliage layer allowed the monkies, forced into paper-patting service and never quite intelligent enough to press paper properly, to teach the humans the art of mummification. The interaction with the drunks in the grape juice pits, and further lineages of branding and scourging, taught the temple the usefulness of mummification in the practice of healing and resurrection. The priests also learned the balance between injury, aging, healing, and resurrection. All of these were known table and levels and balances. The kingdom of heaven features a full function mummy press to create new babies at will, and the system was used on an industrial scale through the Sodom and Gomorrah experimentation.

Mummification to produce a new human requires an onion skin percentage of each internal organ to provide primer cells and beginning material. The onion skins of the internal organs are sewn together and filled with the conglomerate material from the stewing pot of souls. When the entire human is completed then the intersticial space is also filled with the stewing pot material and then the entire package is mummy pressed to about nine hundred degrees. The stewing pot of souls is full of the conglomerate goo of the tower of babel. The tower of babel failed to work in the labyrinths (origninally constructed to keep people out of hell), the tower of babel failed to work in the musical chairs, the tower of babel failed to work in the passover to mummification experiments, and the premise of the stewing pot of souls was to collect only the primest material from the humans which were allowed to contribute to it. At one time there were many stewing pots, some for respective internal organs, some for the intersticial, but the tower of babel wasn't working and the rationale for keeping discrete stewing pots was lost to one great stewing pot. At one time the saints, if they qualified for the schooner-blender mulching and not shipped to hell, were not included in the stewing pots because they had actually interacted with things in ways which were not considered desirable for the stewing pot of souls material in the tower of babel considerations. When the stewing pots were collected into one then the politically muscle of the league of saints was able to allow them to claim the privelege of winning their inclusion in the cream of the crop for the tower of babel stewing pot of souls.

Newly mummified "babies" are snapped out of their skins and sent to bug screening. Low lights to hot lights, enough skins available for all but one or two. Those which pick up skins will need to restrain the ones that fry that they do not go berserk and hurt anybody. There's a joke there because, after bug screening, then the "babies" are sent to table of the nations training. One week to beat the love out of you—for the first week the trainers enter the cell and the human does not react, no fear, no remorse, no guilt, no anger or hate left from yesterday's or even last hour's training session. Then, after a week of being pummelled according to their table of the nations assignment, they begin to react with fear, or anger, or hate when the trainers open the door to begin the session. Now the love has been beat out of them. Another week of training, maybe a qualification as an eunuch, and then the broken twisted destroyed voodoo doll with an eye popped out is shipped up to the surface, on a stork, and delivered to the toaster blender system on the surface.

The skins are not their own, they did not sew their own baptismal garment, and the kingdom of heaven is the product of a system which made humans deliberately as servants in the Sodom and Gomorrah experiment. The skins are "seeded", rumplestilskin, with the leftover microscopic siphons, eunuchs which had been sewn to the green eggs moneymaker, polymorphed into a seahorse, and cooked down into microscopic pebbles in nuclear pools. The skins are poked with a "necronomicon" pattern and soaked in pools of mud known to contain such sea-p-honies (siphons). The siphons enter the holes in the skins and work their way into the layers. Mostly, as the years go on, they collect (like metal dripping down a firepit to create an underlying anvil) in ridges between the finely divided musculature of the sinuses. A human may work as a suction cup: squeeze out internal water, molecule by molecule, suck the layered skin tight to the internal mass, and press the baptismal garment out like paper and work the knits out of the skin. Humans are kept with plentiful hot showers and a plentiful diet far away from any possibility of cleaning out the baptismal skin.

The kingdom of heaven spends its time working on passover lambs. There are many possible passover lambs in the pyramid and wall system—too many to count. The kingdom of heaven considers the entirety of the paschal space defined inside of the pyramids and wall and then corporate structures of saints manage groups to track paths and sections, as any corporate structure rationalizes the breakdown of any completely impossible task, of the passover lamb space. The inhabitants of the kingdom of heaven all succumb to Gad's disease, "I can't do this anymore", and eventually willingly walk or fall to internal corporate politics and are nominated to be shipped to hell.

There are three pivotal diseases which the sphinx carnival system uses to manage the population of humans. Gad's disease is common to green eggs and ham. People usually retire due to leggo my ego considerations; they know how bad it was last time, they know how much worse that was than the time before, they know what it will probably be like next time, looking close to full passover with extra participants and they just can't do it anymore. That's when they skip the green eggs and ham and try to make ends meet on maverick $50k shots or retiree jell-O shots. Noah's disease describes the phonies and the jobbies. "Cannot forgive" and "need to get more". Green eggs and ham and clipped off at the knee for a job. "cursed be canaan among all slaves" (cannot forgive) "a slave shall he be to his brothers" (need to get more). Melchizedek's disease. Just can't make it past the door. "Dor" is the largest lie in the world. It's too cold out there, too warm in here, too old, weak, infirm, sick, "you wouldn't want me to be hungry, would you God?", and flat-out idolatry of "I have this and this and that and the other and that means they're supposed to" "bring it to me!" or "do what I say!"

Do not plan to stay long in heaven. The saints will beat your ass to hell. Heaven is a large corporate structure that has been running for a very long time. Heaven has been running so long that their physiology is quite different; primarily in ocular perception and spinal position. Should you walk the path of retirement, last will and testament, and ready for it all to read the book of Revelations, and if you didn't eat green eggs and ham, then you will meet the saints at the entrance to heaven. Qualification is the stonehenge chicken witch passover resurrection pole. Green eggs and ham is shipped straight to hell—no need for that material in the stewing pot of souls and the saints enjoy their privelege if they qualify. If the subject screams and hollers too much they may qualify for the Jesus Christ cannon (bullet to the heart or head), if they still function after that they may be useful for experimentation, if not they are shipped to hell. If they scream and holler too much and are not eligible for the cannon they are shipped to hell. If they beg to go somewhere, anywhere else then there is only one way to go from heaven's gate: shipped to hell. If they enjoyed their first day in heaven (full ride-the-tiger and "give us that arm!" procedure) then, on the second day, the saints have a few extra experimental procedures to try. If they enjoyed their second day then, by the third day, all of the friends from all corners of heaven are being called to have a look at the new potential entrant. Truthfully, by day four, everybody is shipped to hell.

There is a system to escort surface participants to the kingdom of heaven as necessary. Jobbies are often reconditioned in the kingdom of heaven when they willingly allow themselves to qualify as a wretch due to debt and earnings. The sphinx carnival is a setup, a deliberate system, and there is absolutely a one hundred percent chance that any given individual will indeed run out of money, deplete their personal resources, and arrive in a terrible social situation surrounded by monetary obligation and debt (like stupid effing DUH!). What plan do they have to continue life when that planned and scheduled event occurs? ("LOSERS GO F*CK THEIR DOGS", green eggs and ham) Jobbies which are brought down for assessment and reconditioning are locked into the "eunuch machine", assessed, and adjusted as necessary. The eunuch machine is an enormous wizard of oz type mechanism, complete with a top ranking passover lamb operating a sewing machine style foot pedal which adjust the weights and measures being applied to the subject in their balance against their lifetime's output of water. If anything breaks on the eunuch machine then the malfunction was with the subject, by default. Necessary levels of adjustments are determined by the offset between weights and balances on the machine and may include modification of the lengths of ligaments and tendons, the angular and positional settings of joints, or the application of extreme points or methods of pain to install settings to facial positions.

A common theme is "one, two, three, through the schooner" to indicate a jobbies' life route of meeting bankruptcy three times and then finally achieving death; there is no real chance that a modern human will make it to the schooner. Saints which qualify for the schooner blender are already on a six thousand year waiting list and remain responsible for their passover duties while waiting. The stewing pot of souls is plenty full. Surface carnival humans are meat to be shipped to hell. Surface carnival eunuchs, toaster-blenders, and other models from the sphinx may have earned qualification priveleges to assist in work on a particular passover lamb in a saints' kingdom. There is surface carnival subsystem of mine carts, mine cart handlers, and mine cart escorts to bring qualifying participants down for duty and then ship them back to the surface. One of the most treasured achievements for an eunuch is to be called to ride-the-tiger for passover duty in the kingdom of heaven.

130617 SAB

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