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Cain and Abel

Should an individual choose to structure their life according to the tarot deck they should keep in mind that the tarot system exists as part of the sphinx. Most schools teach a paradigm of life as growing within an infinitely variable space, influenced by environment, nurtured by the life already gathered within. The law, any law, the law of Moses, the Rosetta Stone, any law defines a pyramid pattern of life routes on an already known field of limitless expanse. The tarot deck itself models only one variable section of that playing field. Zechariah, the soap pokie, was the crossroads card. An individual's meeting with the soap pokie was their debt conciliation counsel session, similar to father Abram's meetings with Melchizedek and the Lord, and was a crossroads event in their life; a pivotal and influential factor in tarot readings. The crossroads has long since been replaced by the crossroads with a wire, interpreted not necessarily as electrical, possibly structural, but the entire crossroads card has been removed, Zechariah's entire line terminated, and the card replaced by a crossroads with a wire of one sort or another. The wire on that card leads to the sphinx and ties many of the other cards in the tarot deck to running model lines in the available space of the sphinx.

Do not be the individual begging at the steps of the temple. The gospel scripture features a scene in which pharisees and sadduccees debate an individual's identity, as if they were formally a routine customary beggar at the very gates of the temple. Do not in any way be misconstrued to be that individual. If you are known to beg at the gates of the temple then you owe service, of one fashion or another, to the gates of the temple. The gatekeeper also has the hallowed task of applying the town mark or brand to the passer's legs, if they do not have it, and working with the high priest to establish known routes of response for extra particular fumbles in the town markings, or additional markings. The fellow begging at the temple gates is taken in by the temple and they use him in all of the ways they have already used Adam, and more. The sphinx is real. Those pharaoh's were evil dastardly devils, things have only been through corporate downsizing since then, the Lord only asked a little truth from Adam, and top of the food chain humans are better than fish heads sewn onto plucked chickens.

At one time, in the Isaac schema representing the carrot-toppers working their part in the regimentation of the land, an excuse for earning money, other than purchasing an eunuch model from the temple, was "to get Seth back". To get Seth back into what? To get Seth back into Abel. What happens when Cain clubs Abel's nose down? It's Set! H!

Seth's lineage in the scripted carnival is long and storied. In the beginning of Seth's lineage, when he finally got away from begging that the temple owed him something, he would go for long and extraordinary walks and sometimes bring back gunpowder from the East India Trading Company and beyond the great wall of China. All good things come to an end, though, and eventually he would always fall back into begging off the carrot stick at the gates of hell for the money. One day he will freeze in neurological stasis on the carrot stick and the bugs will come out of the gates of hell and pick him up and make whatever use of him. The employed position of the mortician, establishing itself as one of the venerable professions in the stonehenge circle, was to ensure that Seth would not waste any thread on his way to hell. Every inch of twisted thread is important, the trees are being cut back, the wind is picking up, and the blue sky is visible through the thin blankets we currently have. The sewing machine only works half the time and the other half we fight over who gets the wooden picks and who gets the metal picks for weaving and threading. By the end of Seth's lineage he's worth a million dollars before he even thinks about going for a pilgrimage to so much as Lincolnwoodshire.

When the temple takes Seth in they begin working on all of the various methodologies that they know of to bring him back up to speed and straighten him out. Some argue that they got it right with Adam because the eunuch now happily accepts duties as a harlot (concubines retain the male apparatus but serve the same function; prostitutes do it for money) but they keep working on other experimental routes. With so many workhorse soap pokie hands there is plenty of soap and some factions believe that it should be the eunuch's duty to keep track of the fallen comrade Zechariah. Over several thousand years that will lead to entire lineages of humans grown with life paths set to prepare them for the honor of receiving the eunuch's hand somewhere in their low hundreds. The kingdom of heaven now sets them up for duty straight out of the steam mummy press.

Lots of other things to do with Seth in all of that time. After a while the totality of the sphinx becomes known as the "seven layer human algae salad from d'Nile." The Nile is the neverending flow of half-dead bodies out of gridlocked warlord Africa. Denial is the state their in, because they're not dead yet, and they are still of use to us until we put them in the boxes to be flushed to hell. Denial is also the state their in for their sins because they should really get up and go for a long walk like Seth used to and then finish it properly and stay away from begging!

The temple, the sphinx, and government are all very similar to hell. Do not beg at their gates. They will take you in and do terrible things to you and all of your progeny.

130627 SAB

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