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Zorg does not give charity

In the 1980s there were two products introduced, as is often the way of advertising agencies testing competing product lines, that were similar to shooter sports. Splat! and Laser Tag. Splat featured commercials targetting kids that don't want to grow up, like a cheap party favor that you know would make it out of the closet for family picnic if ever. Laser Tag featured commercials which targetted the teenage years and older; people that may actually want to go out and do something. Laser Tag was a flop on the store shelves. Why?

Zorg. It's a lifestyle. It exists. Obelisk or surgical your abdomen gets cleared. Now you have a black box, looks like Laser Tag. If you had any secret wires before now you have another; Zorg intercom. You go where Zorg tells you when Zorg tells you. You will be whatever gender Zorg tells you. You will do whatever Zorg tells you and have intercourse in whatever fashion Zorg tells you. You owe money, too. Zorg gives charity when all the Zorg members get together for group showoff sessions of the beautiful, lovely, divine creations which Zorg has made them.

130627 SAB

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