The House at Gerar

Blackbox Modelling

Each and every scene takes place in a particular environment. The base model for the environment of the day of atonement scenes is the "house at Gerar" setting. The house setting describes a situation destined to go bad and is the end result of a system of chinese boxes. If all else fails the last box in a run is the house setting and there's no way out of it. The house setting describes the purpose for ritz purses, literally made from sewing spongeblobs of ritz into place, in a time before humans were making flagons similar to the ones the phairies drink out of. The house at Gerar includes the target individual, a complete setup, and as many of the participating forty thieves and anybody else drawn in for the event as it takes to complete the kill scene. The house setting describes "good samaritan hotel" where Isaac, psychology pummelled into Job, will meet with his two sons and his own demise. The house setting provides the core template for the gospel's last supper.

The house at gerar includes, inside of it, the five loaves two fish script. Five loaves two fish describes a book of Daniel party. Bread, in scripture, often indicates male participants. Fish are caught and gutted; similar to sitting on a vorpal obelisk. Five loaves two fish is originally an outdoor script; beginning as the mortician midwife and anaesthesiologist in the stonehenge era. Five loaves two fish is also known as the pool of siloam (in settings where the pool of siloam is not considerd as solomon's portico of torsos waiting to be flushed to hell): many people enter, debt is shuffled around, some people leave better or worse off for the work and wear, better or worse off in debt, and some people don't leave. The pool of siloam is useful to play favorites with debt as the better or worse off ratios may be hedged and favored. Five loaves two fish is a debt counseling session for those that do not qualify to participate in mummfications and castings of rosetta stones, ie. Philip and Phillippians. The financial mechanism for five loaves two fish is similar to debt counseling sessions (the triduum decision) for jobbies; they eat green eggs and ham for a million, the jobbie don't know, the jobbie will eat green eggs for about seventy or eighty percent of their debt and go back to work making payments on the balance. Five loaves two fish brings the partipants together, tickets and audience are sold, profit is collected, Philip gets out of debt, the fish and loaves get paid, and the organization which sponsers the box space to make it happen gets a healthy dividend. Five loaves two fish get down for fun and profit, and prophet. Five loaves two fish moved indoors is house at gerar.

The setting for testing individuals to their compliance with the law may be envisioned as a trial setting in the temple sanctuary. Take the "trial of an adultress" and dispose of the silly notion that the trial setting is only for adultery. The day of atonement party is a versatile structure for everything. Note that the proper response in the trail setting, for the individual under scrutiny, is a statement and a confirmation,"Amen, Amen". Whatever the response happens to be, whatever the timing of the questions happens to be, however the script for the trial setting has been rearranged, and however the surrounding environment of the house at gerar has been decorated, the individual under trial must keep their wits about them and ensure that their story matches each and every time it is queried and polled; else crucifixion awaits (Jesus, for example, responds with "I AM" and "blah blah blah", not a match). Those failing the trial setting find themselves worse off in the outcome of the debt counseling session whether it happens to be a one-on-one mummification, a five loaves two fish special event, or a pool of siloam bankruptcy consolidation center.

The trial setting is no longer held exclusively in the temple sanctuary with one-step-at-a-time procedures to ensure fairness. Exploits, cracks in the system, known jokes, and favorites did away with the predictable structure. Now each and every precept of the law includes a most favorable surrounding house setting to extract the greatest possible truth from the individual under scrutiny. Each and every precept has been matched with each and every possible physical location, in and out of the temple, and the script for trying and interrogating has been perfected such that an entire playbook of scripts are available for any precept in any architectural box. Those scripts reorder and rearrange and keep all participating individuals in any given area collectively busy adhering to the cues for the running day of atonement party.

The architecture of the soapies' fire pit forms the basis for the mortician, midwife, and anaesthesiologist routine. Time progresses and the soapies' fire pit now has an oven and maybe some structure to a kiln; now the routine is five loaves two fish. Time progresses and the firepit now has a structure similar to an abode and five loaves two fish evolves into house at gerar. The structure of the abode solidifies and the area of the temple sanctuary begins to evolve, with all preserved histories of mortician/midwife/anaesthesiologist, five loaves two fish, and house at gerar being conducted in a religious fashion over the course of the year. Soon house at gerar expands to include mummifications, not only as baby with the bathwater celestial events but as a planned choreographed routine, and subsequently the pinnacle of all existing routines culminates in passover followed by mummification. Now the architecture and the play of the scripts resembles book of genesis type material with Abram living in the vicinity of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mummification is learned from paper-patting monkeys, so the foliage layer is likely yet eighty or more percent to the dome of the sky. The greatest part of the functional material has not changed very much since then.

The process of running individuals through five minute day of atonement party screenings of large groups of precepts reflects the much older practice of musical chairs. Musical chairs was the three ring method to ensure that all individuals involved were clear of all of the same sets of sinus blockages; later usages of musical chairs honed skills in spooking and freaking each other. Increases in population and greater demands for higher frequency polling of more complete sets of precepts from the law posed a logistical problem with moving people in and out of the temple area, even with the precept testing having been refined for all available locations and settings. The remedy was to move screen testing off site. The architecture of the temple sanctuary, averaged and made to be the most adaptable possible set for any precept at any time, moved to an off site location becomes the babylonian furnace. The process of creating the babylonian furnace involves separation of priveleges and powers that nobody participating in day of atonement party settings in the babylonian furnace could ever claim authorities and powers given to day of atonement party players in the temple setting. The architecture of the babylonian furnace is scrubbed clean to make it a one hundred plus percent testing chamber with no possibility to earn credit or promote status.

The entire architecture of "Jericho", or Jerusalem, or Ninevah, or Sodom and Gomorrah, is based upon the temple sanctuary, the temple box system, and the temple sanctuary averaged to support high-frequency testing of any precept at any time and moved off site to the babylonian furnace. Those three base tiles are then rotated, stretched, sized, overlaid, and fit together to create the architecture of the entire city around them. For a plain example compare the architecture of mid-town La Jolla, CA, 92037, with the layout of the branch-davidian compound in Waco, TX. At the bottom of the picture locate the "house by Florence" and map that anchored to Mary, Star of the Sea, in La Jolla. Locate the "double wide trailer" in the picture and match that with the walkway at the intersection of Torrey Pines and Girard Avenue in La Jolla (rotate the directional compass as necessary). Take the upper half of the picture, with barracks and sheds, and line those as the high frequency condos and apartments along Bishop's Lane and Eads between Pearl and Silverado. La Jolla, CA, a custom design district staffed by green eggs and ham surrounding the core model of the chicken witch pole and babylonian furnace; the branch davidian compound, a custom architecture for a group suspected by the authorities to be involved in green eggs and ham and leggo my ego. A perfect match!

130705 SAB

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