Chi-A Pets

Corn smut. It's not the corn but, if it all sticks together, it will not fall from the ear. It is alive but I wouldn't eat it. If taken off the corn it will never really grow back into corn. Corn smut is the product of a very specific set of malfunctioning units in the functional machinery of the cell. Agricultural biologists that have studied corn smut are able to draw, very specifically in biochemical pathways, the exact environmental factors which lead to corn smut and the exact malfunctioning proteins, enzymes, and even intracellular cofactor balances which allow the corn smut to make something presentable of itself (it could quite easily lead to cellular apoptosis or necrosis). The particular deformations in cellular machinery which lead to corn smut are easily correlated with "brain damage" in the higher order animal kingdoms.

If you cannot keep it in your pants then, please, keep it in your genus and species. Your family.

As the land was regimented the humans found out all about animals. French, ani mal. Poorly animated. You don't have any of those any more. The monkeys were all tied into chain gangs to pat down piles of leaves and the world has progressed so far from that, having pressed all the leaves to paper, and twisted all the paper to twine, and woven all the twine to burlap, and stacked and worn and stored and pressed the burlap to crepe paper, and then pressed all of that over again, and twisted that over again. Repeat a few thousand times until you have blankets and thread. Then maybe you begin to make tunics, and layer and press those. Now maybe you have better thread. How are ribbons made? Ribbons are the product of fine thread ground between rocks and then patted and pressed and formed back together. The leaves have been pressed and folded and pressed and folded so many times that we have entire warehouses of ribbons, in addition to entire tombs of thread, in addition to entire warehouses of bolt fabric of every sail weight.

The animals have all been gone for some time.

What we have remaining are all of the forms of polymorphs. Dogs from humans, horses from dogs and humans, maybe ugly camels, or maybe camels are from sewing another human to the end of the horse polymorphic chain. Why does the horse flatulate in your face? Because, once you begin participating in green eggs and ham, that's where it all ends up anyway.

And those aren't even alive. There is a painting somewhere, from the artist Raphael. Similar to the scriptural compendium of the bible there are, in popular and classical culture, snippets and remnants from some very very very old code before thousands of years of additional layers were added. The background of the painting includes two characters, like personified camels, and they have live eyes. The chiaboogers which walk around now on MRI neural net marionette control do not have live eyes. The eyes are really the wettest part of the living organism and, as the organism figuratively speeds through the universal ether, the eyes actually trail behind the organism. When the overall living capacity of the organism dwindles, and there are many levels and terraces to that dwindling, the water recedes from the eyes and the eyes recede with it. Dead eyes.

Chiaboogers are like corn smut. Well, the neural state of green eggs and ham individuals is like corn smut, too. No need to worry about the single digit IQ, they have a million dollars and a secret intercom system to protect them if they ever become lost.

The passover process features four sultans. Three sultans and the fourth Persian dead one. The gate of Persia enters into the realm of the dead and the very near dead. The bodies destined for doghood are shipped through the great wall to China where the sushi rollers will practice their art after the quail have been properly wounded. There is a gospel scene for Jesus rolling a fellow into a dog and giving him back to his mother at those gates to the realm of the dead. The Persians have a very deep and rich culture from many eons counting bodies going into the wall and dogs arriving from other exits and, with the dogs, technologies and gadgets and things which make other people twitter and part with food and money. The Persian dead sultan is a carnival beast. A reanimated mechanical monstrous wolf which actually walks out-of-sync and has its neck and legs and tail and shoulders and back all ratcheted at odd ankles and crimps. That's the old model. The joke on the chicken witch pole is really three dead sultans and the old model. The newer models, except for the eyes, are indistinguishable from formerly living polymorphs.

Bird watching was a practice to scope out and locate the final few remaining live animals and polymorphs. The dodo bird was quite possibly the most intelligent of the real animals.

130701 SAB

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