Is there anybody in there?


The temple has been working with various levels of injury and death for many tens of thousands of years. They have not been idle in that time but have also been working on levels and paths of training to play dead, for fun, profit, tricks, jokes, entertainment, or whatever other purpose. That training to play dead may or may not be completely voluntary and, similar to acupuncture and meditative practice, what you don't know may and will be used over and above, not necessarily against, you.

The gospel features a parable of a rich man and Lazarus. Father Abram, Father Abram, send Lazarus because, should someone rise from the dead, surely they will believe. No, no, you've got it wrong, sonny. We're the temple. We make the dead walk, we make the dead talk, and we've been doing this for thousands of years. Do you see that sphinx? Every single one of you humans has had a remote control wifi marionette neural net on since we knocked the head off of the lawn troll. They will never believe.

The old testament includes a scene of Elijah with a woman's dead boy. He takes the boy to the upper room, likely tucks the boy's tongue into the top of the nose, and then lays over the boy three times. Perhaps he pokes the boy in all available locations. As a pinball machine checks the bumpers for a lost ball. That scene is description of some of the technique necessary to jump start a human.

The walking dead are not fully dead yet but they are dead enough for their eyes to recede. As the human form blows through the universe the eyes actually trail behind them; the eyes are the most watery part of their form and the eyes tend to trail behind like comets. When they enter into the supercatatonic hypnotic stasis (for shipment to heaven or hell or real extreme entertainment and experimentation) the eyes will begin to dry out and recede. Animals, incapable of maintaining a fashionable supply of black sunglasses, are fully dead and have the completely receded eyes to show it.

The walking dead are kept on remote control. The operating system for the walking dead is maintained by the kingdom of heaven. The maintenance of the wire infrastructure is sandboxed to the Melchizedek section of the table of the nations and the corporate administation of the wire system is sandboxed to the rainbowtards. The walking dead are available for use, to qualifying eunuchs, via the fighter pilot aviator machines. Heroin wire remote control subjects usually know more interesting people but fully dead automatons are much more useful to get a job done.

The walking dead may be reawakened by physically pulling off the arm (eg. for pirate party use) or riding the tiger (sexual penetration of the navel), among other trained and conditioned methods. Without a reawakening they are on a scheduled route to arrive, eventually, in hell.

130617 SAB

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