Building up

This is what we get to do to you

Alfred Hitchcock produced a movie titled "Psycho" which featured a neurological unstable man, under the guiles and guidance of his attic-bound dead mother's corpse, killing young ladies checking into his hotel. When the forty thieves are really moving on a target then the script is similar; they set up three dastardly tragedies and choreograph the gossip that the target looks to be one of several very plausible culprits. In modern day times the practice may degenerate to simply surrounding the target with forty cheap sex addicts performing ridiculous feats of complete personal degradation and all, in their off time, claiming to have a best friend with the same name, tastes, hobbies, and employment as the target. Hitchcock also produced another movie titled "The Birds" which glamorizes, in a macabre humor fashion, the methodology employed by the green eggs and ham deviants. When a target has been assigned, and especially if the target poses difficulty in capitulation, then all available wire managed phonies in a local area may be called to flash mob on the target. Perhaps successive waves of flash mobs if necessary. Perhaps successive waves of flash mobs presenting scenes of animal sex and pedophilia innuendo, if necessary. Anything to capitulate the target.

Birdcasts are groups of two hundred. Five groups of forty thieves. Birdcasts were initially formed as five groups of forty thieves all working on trading places in their scripts as they made their way through the day. Over time and generations and work within the Sodom and Gomorrah system the groups, like recreational sports teams, became better and worse and less or more skilled at working together. A typical jobbie walking out of Sodom and Gomorrah may only be assigned a group of forty thieves to chase them down. An up-scale white collar level jobbie may be pursued by an entire birdcast. Groups of forty thieves working on a devoted target may become profitable enough to afford the assistance of an entire birdcast. A birdcast group may form or disband as necessary if sufficient resources are applied to the managerial logistics.

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