The law of Moses describes a box system of around six hundred different boxes. The function and task completed within any given box profiles the members for their course to their, individual, next box assignment. The combinations and permutations of the boxes together, sometimes overlaid together in the same scene, stack up to fill all available time in days, weeks, months, and years. The exact number of boxes is variable in a corporate fashion. Popular boxes are accelerated and the bottom level of unused boxes are trimmed away. The total number of boxes is enormous, much larger than six hundred or even six thousand. Six hundred boxes with their tasks and assignments comprise the kingdom assigned to a subset of people and which now run efficiently enough to micromanage entire nations beneath them.

The sphinx is a similar structure. Six hundred plus boxes, plus ten or thirty at any given time depending upon popularity in staffing. The nose of the sphinx is detailed as a coordinate plane, a grid sized about twenty by thirty. Each square represents a group of two hundred of the world's wealthiest and most dastardly sexual perverts and deviants. Each group has a particular playbook of scripts which will choreograph them through the days, weeks, and months of each and every year. As a group each works on a most popular target from the population around them given their geographical and spacial locations. The script which they wrap and surround on any given target, with all of the resources and money which moves around them, sets the base stage for the entire logistical support system underneath them.

If a sphinx level group is working on a target and, year after year, the target continues to live and not succumb to the tricks and games which green eggs and ham subhuman sexual deviants play, then the script must be changed. The group working on any particular square of the sphinx is given a high resolution picture of their particular square and, internally, they have decided how each person and their duties is reflected in the pictorial representation of the square. A persistent target is given a diamond crystal, a matched oscillating listening crystal, for tracking and monitoring purposes and the script is changed somewhat in the effort to catch the target. Such events rarely occur inside of the box system, in the play between work and home and assigned obligations, because the scripts have already solidified into "everybody goes to hell" long ago. When a crystal bearing target is finally terminated then the appropriate permanent modifications are made to the group's script and corresponding changes made to their square on the sphinx's nose. Slow work for the photographer making the high resolution photographs of the sphinx; so slow that he takes a yearly photograph even if no changes have been made.

Each one of the top level sphinx script players also manages their own interest groups of birdcasts, roosters, warlords, eunuchs, and forty thieves hunting parties.

130629 SAB

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