Stop the Presses

Old Technology

Stop the presses. We now have Moses. Moses was born in the reeds. When translating the context and the passages around reeds it is conceivable that "water" and "reeds" were interchanged. Moses was a test tube baby. Obviously. Sodom and Gomorrah featured wires and push buttons, Tyre and Sidon included the neural net and advanced digital technologies. Why would the medical side have not moved along to test tube Moses? Born in the reeds. Alephel has a stick, Aleph has a slide reed to match.

The supernatent liquid for the test tube babies, then, obviously, because the kingdom of heaven is trying to make this work (one way or the other), will eventually come to be delicately sifted and manicured nuclear reactor boiled down old siphons, seahorses, sea-p-honies, eunuchs sewn to the green eggs and ham, twisted up into seehorses, and boiled down for decades. Moses was a test tube baby, the plumbing is as old as Ninevah, and according to most of the scripts, the sphinx and pyramids was up by the time the foliage hit halfway and have simply relocated and shuffled about as the mad race slashed and burned everything to the sand and into the mine to sack the diamond anvil, cut as much space junk as possible and stuff it into every crevice and crack everywhere, and hang the remainder moon in the sky. Every test tube baby is grown, layer by layer, to allow for as many realm of the dead inhabitants as possible even before they begin playing games snapping them out of their skins and into bug screening.

Elijah's use of multiply-refried castor bean mash extract as nerve agent, initially to produce and then cure a mute man and then as a method of applying David's key to the shoulder of the marked individual, over Elisha is symbolic of the conquering of the Persian empire by the Egypto-Hebrew temple working on pyramids of mummified pashcal lambs. The Persians were of a completely different system of cues in the sphinx compared with the Egypto-Hebrews; Persian maharajas test their skills with cobras and, on the pyramid side, only pharaoh and his friends are allowed that sort of privelege. Persian Maharajas are the pentultimate forty thieves with Ali Baba and nobody knows how to play that game better than they. The sphinx runs on scripts of forty thieves, certainly, but not at the level of skill that the Persians played it. How did the Maharajas do it?

The Maharajas had a skill known as a comeback. If, over the course of playing with their cobra, they endured too many bites, they would begin to exhibit signs along the path of David's key; either from brute force injury or from the purified castor bean extract, compare to Adam eunuch vs. Mary obelisk models. The injured maharaja would be subjected to the force feedback of the society, the same as all human society, to sink or swim. Successful maharajas made comebacks and, over the course of their practice, exercised their hand.

The Egypto-Hebrew temple heard of the Maharajas' skill and noticed the blazing similarity to the nerve agent and David's key. Hebrew assassins and doctors were dispatched to infiltrate the Persian empire, become friends with the Maharajas, treat them when they are down. "Allow me to check your temperature and pulse, are you feeling okay? Nevermind the thumb pasty of nerve agent extract. You're done." Do not allow strangers to hold your hand because it is a dangerous world. Egyptians could then play very effective games betting on whether or not a maharaja was going to make a comeback or on the way down. Divide and conquer. Give the Persian empire a star of India as an apology. The moon is the rock ice diamond remainder of anvil sacking for the world and hangs in the firmament of water catching nets in the sky.

Maharajas that were secretly hit with Elijah's thumb pasty of purified castor bean nerve agent would never achieve Alladin's lamp and make a comeback. Alladin's lamp is out of the play of the world, the forty maharajas now form a group managed by the seven sons of the Babylonian woman in the Egypto-Hebrew temple, signified by the covenant of circumcision "eye" shape which would result if anybody could ever figure out how to achieve Alladin's lamp after having David's key stamped on in castor bean extract.

Melchizedek wishes that he could sew the world into horses and poke them into soap because he never walked far enough to find a heart to show it.


So basically this is the way the world works. All the dogs have names. Maybe your dog is a pro wrestler, maybe a politician, maybe the name of a USS battleship, maybe your dog's name is for the little sandwich parlor down the street. Maybe your dog's name is a color. Whatever it happens to be, you will go to great lengths to protect your rights to your dog's name. Even if you feel like picking an argument with some jobbie, even if you are a rotating spindle of complete lies and nonsense, you have the "right" to say it, because you sexually service that dog, and nobody is going to go more apeshit over an argument than somebody that sucks that dog to have the right to say it. If the jobbie argues too much then all other millionaires in the vicinity (usually) back their own, and if it gets to be too much of a "who's right" competition then the phonie sucks that dog for a million and the life of the jobbie is more or less over until they reach the "end of sequence" scenes and recycle.

The rainbowtards work on a somewhat more abstracted level (and they have their own dogs to suck, and the dogs may have abstract names). During the pirate party the participants (ranibowtards and others) each, individually, receive one or more "power words", portions of syllables and sounds, sometimes sepated by a pattern (ie. "ee" count to five and then "op", now spend your life listening for combinations to fit). If a pirate party participant then, in life, listens to another person (implied, usually below them on the animal servant heirarchy ladder) using their particular "power word" or sound then they claim rights over that person. Which rights? Well, whatever they can get, really, and whatever they can make up. If there is any resistance then, again, all (usually) available millionaires chip in to support their own, jobbies go down, and various systems and methods exist to sort out relative master-servant heirarchies within the millionaire animal servant kingdoms.

Everybody goes to hell.

The primary methodology for the millionaires to actively negotiate a target (either a jobbie or one of their own) is to profile the target's speech and make note of their power words or power sounds. What do they talk about when they are happy? What do they talk about when they are sad? What sound do they make when they hit their head? What is their favorite "hello" greeting format? Pick twenty to forty of their power words and sounds and then find those particular dogs or sounds. Of the candidates associated with those dogs or sounds, choose the ones whose vocal ranges are higher than the target for that particular sound (availability, accessability, and contract negotiations apply). In the social interaction of daily communication those selected individuals will always be able to enforce themselves over the target when that particular sound or word is in use; if the target ever elevates or raises their voice in protest then the millionaire involved will attest that the contest is in the league of that word or sound and go blow the dog. One million dollars will now be available to orchestrate further events and purchase further antagonists to ride the target into ruin.

130821 SAB

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