Sons of Adam's race

Chicken broker

The temples of labyrinths existing within the foliage layer formed an enormous network. Various temples contained various practices. Not all temples used the mummy baby in the bread box; that was Samuel's temple. Eli's temple attempted to teach proper methods to take care of one's own business. Adam was a member of a temple which used chickens to take care of one's own business. Adam grew to like the way the cassette player worked with the chicken, especially when including the heroin dart. Gold coin accounting was a method to ensure that Adam would turn in his chicken on time; there was no problem to receive new chickens and no need to play games hiding the old chicken. Adam was known to reuse his cassette player too often and, as a result, gold coin accounting was a common remedial measure. The temples of the time were more respective of individual form and there was a social ban against the albatross method. Adam's continued reuse of old chickens led to a high occurrence of albatross chickens. Adam is eventually dismissed from the temple system and left to cohabitate with the outside barbarians all going to hell in their own ways amongst the drunks and the green eggs and ham mentally diseased. Once in the outside world Adam sets up business as a chicken broker and, still petulant and angry about the gold coin accounting system, begins to demand gold coin accounting not only for overused chickens but for every chicken. These are concepts applied to population lineages across generations and much more than a single individual.

The temple progressively began developing more and more which they could do for Adam before dismissing him. The temple had experimental routes to wounds and injuries seen on the admitting side from the drunks and the damned. Adam, completely willing to do anything for more heroin and another cassette playing chicken, allowed himself to be used as the modelling subject for the temple system. This is again applied to lineages of populations down through generations. Eventually Adam, upon being dismissed from the temple, is fully surgically eunuchd. The eunuch site is assuaged with a heroin pad to keep little Adam quiet in the temple hallways. Then, as the remainder of the system breaks down over the thousands of years, the temple eventually loses the skill to reliably create dogs and the eunuchs are given the task to save the remaining known dog ritz until remedial methods and reparations are made. Over time the barbarians eventually storm the temple gate (really, the ornamental lawn troll, the sphinx outpost) and keep killing Zechariah. The eunuch is given the task, as a manager, to give the Zechariah's remaining hand the task to hold on to the remaining dog ditz. Over time the barbarians keep killing off Abram because Abram kept going back to Egypt to get more; and developing a blind eye to infidelity. The eunuch, already complaining about crowded working conditions (even with newer technology and higher density heroin pads), is given father Abram's remaining blind eye impacted into Zechariah's remaining hand holding the remaining dog ritz.

Now the eunuch is given the duties for species collections from the wild animals, life paths of marriage, families to maintain, and passover duties to qualify for in the kingdom of heaven.

The eunuch is a finely tuned war machine. Original models leaked from internal pressure of the interstitial fluid; the eunuch no longer has the prion rock sorting relief mechanism. A filter was installed above the eunuch site to separate the interstitial fluid to "milk" and a salt lick (scripturally, gall in my food and vinegar to drink). Swelling of the upper chest results to attract males. There was also additional necessity to train the remaining humans to have extra respect and regard for the eunuch and, to assist this, a mechanism of social control was built into the population. The system is reminiscent of the old tar nasal switch given to slaves: these ones get the heavy switch, these get the light switch. These keep their voices up, these keep their voices down. To assist the eunuch in maintaining control of the upper ranges of voice a tiny siphon tube is installed from the sponge blob to the upper sinuses. The general siphon pressure from the oscillating samosa spongeblob gently suctions blockages from the upper vocal ranges of the sinuses.

The spongeblob of ritz in the eunuch model, in combination with the salt lick from the filter mechanism, provides a predictable side-effect to sexual partners known as "pussy whipped". The clinical diagnosis is near an exact match for the brain damage noted as occurring from ingestion of "green eggs" (canine interstitial material, a randomized set of very bad prions). In like manner with the full "green eggs and ham" combination of brain damage and heart disease modern eunuch models feature dog "sh*t-for-brains". Of course you were suicidal the week after you broke up, of course you were suicidal the week before your wedding, of course you were suicidal on vacation. She had been feeding to you the log from between her ears inside of the french eclair kisses. The eunuch model is a battle wagon from the kingdom of heaven working on the most extreme methodology for the tower of babel: if the subject under consideration is too stupid to know the truth, too stupid to stay out of hell, stupid enough to eat green eggs and ham, stupid enough to fall into the state of a wretch over a few dollars, stupid enough to need a friend and companion for sympathy and support (that's not love you're feeling, that's sympathy for the cheap trick), or too stupid to know what to do with themselves and need a helping hand, then the eunuch is there to escort you to hell and remove you from the surface in a predictable, methodical, and expeditious manner. And provide aforementioned sympathy along the way; if you are good enough.

Yes, yes, yes. Their fellow human, friends, family and spouse are never good enough, and there's always plenty of criticism to go around, and nobody ever measures up to standards. When it's time for Mr. Right, Mr. Personality, or green eggs and ham for a million dollars, then any stray, or pack of strays, from any alley will do. I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Personality, dog and millionaire. Divorce court judge rules that the brain damage and heart disease from the marriage deserve restitution; close to one million paid depending upon results of the medical exam.

Not all eunuch's are created "straight out of the box". Some eunuch's are created after a male has sufficiently terminated their course of life on the surface but, for any particular reason, they may yet be useful to the machinations of the sphinx. When they are brought to the kingdom of heaven, either for final rites or for a life-changing reconciliation and modification, they may be offered the Hezekiah decision. If an individual properly ascends through at least half of the resurrection pole routine without meeting the Jesus Christ cannon or performing so poorly that they are shipped directly to hell (variants of "I'm not supposed to be here" or "I wish I were dead" or "Please let me go", and others) they may (at the discretion of the administration) be given the Hezekiah decision. You may have fifteen more years as a dog or another lifetime on the obelisk (eunuch). The kingdom of heaven is no longer posting an appealing percentage for successful polymorph. The correct response to the Hezekiah decision is,"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me; then, a frontal lobotomy." Butt in a mayonnaise jar, brain right next to it.

130702 SAB

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