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The passover lamb has been used for time immemorial by the upper echelons of the ancient descendants of the first choreographed temple systems to number, count, and track many different systems; most notably financial. The passover lamb has significant correlations to landmark events and milestone calibrations in the progression of planetary life. The figure of Adam, when considered in relevance to the passover lamb system, represents the very final free standing fruit bearing tree which was not considered to be "owned" by any particular social group or family lineage. The figure of Ham represents the final free standing bush. The figure of Isaac represents the final freely available carrots and legumes. In the consideration of such foliage as those trees bearing seeds (nuts): Adam is the final free standing tree of peanuts and walnuts, Ham is the final freely available sunflowers, and Isaac represents the time when the land was cut down to poppies. Humans did not have a heroin problem before the figurative time of Isaac because, prior to that, there was no need to fiend on poppy seeds—there was plenty of quality smoking material available in the wild or from the massive urns in the paper pressing temples.

As passover lambs there is also a technological progression which is asynchronous with beginning to end scriptural interpretation. Isaac represents a time when the passover lamb was an older child; people were aging less slowly, lived longer, and the passover process was less brutal. Ham represents a time when people were aging more quickly, the passover lamb must be younger else it would result in a boiled egg, and the passover process prior to mummification was more stabilized into a most effective route to sort, calibrate, and track the numbering process. Out of direct comparison, in this particular chain of consideration, is Adam; the cruel product of the branding and scourging and surgical modifications to a human, which practices began as the products of the drunken debauchery of the communities clinging to the grape juice pits.

130221 SAB

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