One way or another

Stabat Mater

The Greek interview system expanded and standardized to a sequence of fifteen deliberate boxes is known as the stations of the cross. Similar to the birdcasting concept: they are going to make you fall three times, blame you, set you up for the trial, train you to insult the judge (and prep the judge to feel insulted), and then march you off to golgotha.

The stations of the cross lend themselves to the structure of the week. Day of atonement party sessions, for the surrounding phonies in attack squadrons, are typically four hour segments. Two four hour segments, six days (Sunday through Friday) weekly, with two or three night-time or overtime sessions completes the stations of the cross. The performance from the day of atonement parties in that time span is evaluated, weaknesses from the various scripts in the various stations in the various settings determined, and then, on Super Saturday, the most devastating and trying and demanding day of atonement party scripts possible are executed with any and all tricks from the week stacked together. Continuing work on a particular target allows the system to be iteratively streamlined and perfected and tracked and executed. If a particular verse response or cue or situation is determined to be crucial or desireable then, perhaps, next week will be a Greek interview week and the week after will be back to stations of the cross to assess the effectiveness of the interview week.

The sphinx works so well that most of the rearranging and calibrating and figuring and determining is behaviorally hard-wired into the surrounding social structure and the glyph system architecture. Phonies which imagine that they are "working on a target" are, in reality, flying their own completely concommitant mission to hell. There is some measure of feedback if more or fewer groups of thieves work more or less diligently on a target but the population wide system of waterwheels and pools will continue to operate and ship everybody to hell. Five or ten years plus or minus for any given subhuman animal sex deviant or wage slave means less than nil to the sphinx.

130629 SAB

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