Discovery of electricity and magnetism is far earlier than most people are given to understand. Keep in mind that the foliage layer, the loam, was at one time stacked up to the roof of the sky and that the earliest firepits were then begun and designed to exist within the highly vegetative environment. The Lord's greatest gift to mankind is fire. The Lord's second greatest gift to mankind after fire is soap. Both Adam and Noah know that it is not allowed to build a fire in town. Be happy with the soap.

The soap pokie is a very important part of the temple structure since near the beginning. The paper pressers begin by modelling the world around them; organizing and structuring and layering and pressing leaves. From there, however, is a maze of interconnecting considerations leading to both thread and soap. Thread is possible before soap because a dedicated fire pit, a dedicated soapie, and proper conditions for separating fat and ashes in a cleanly manner are required for good soap. That provides plenty of time for paper to be pressed and the product refigured into thread. There is a requirement for an enormous amount of time, however, to press paper and make use of the briquets and discover alternate uses for the pressed paper and cut the trees back far enough to provide environmental temperatures which may require coverings and coverings requiring fastenings between sections. Fire need not be on demand. True fire on demand was likely first provided by high speed spools of threading running lines in an early sewing machine. Fire before that was provided by chance or by carefully kept and cultivated firepits, candles, and christmas trees. Overall there is some race between the soapie and the thread as number two to the paper presser.

The soap pokies maintained very powerful kingdoms in their time. Their mark on the world is as important as the Rosetta Stone. They poked lots of soap. When the barbarian hordes, assisted by the head concubine and the eunuch empire, begin dismantling the soapie empire, killing off Zechariah at the gates, the entirety of the system had broken down and degraded such that they could not really kill him. Humans are difficult to kill. They are better than fish heads and chicken. Catch a fish, fillet a fish. The fish tail achieves death in an expected amount of time. The fish head, however, will continue to talk back (listen very closely, it is short of breath) for a day or two. Why are chickens' legs tied in the grocer's freezer? It was going to be chicken dumpling soup but the chicken wouldn't stay still; now it's chicken noodle soup. Warm one up on top of a fluffy comforter on top of a low flow box fan in gentle sunlight for a day or two. Humans are top of the food chain. They are better than talking fish heads sewn to plucked and gutted chickens. As human society degraded even the upper echelons lost the capability, of the ancient morticians, to maintain an entire body in one of the power-saving modes by which they are shipped between the surface and hell; or, in modern times, perhaps to the proxy of heaven for a day or two.

A quick scan of the history of mummies provides a small puzzle. Mummies which are not taken apart are from a time when the art of making the human lay still did not require dismantling. David, for example, is one of the mummies with the arms and legs taken off; that is the first mummy for the rainbowtard population of the table of the nations to successfully beat into motionless stillness. Their high priest required a pirate party. They had to pull the arms and legs off and chicken glove and chase and beat everything to death piece by piece. Real old mummies did not require pirate party. Mummies older than that did not require albatrossing. Zechariah's time also represents a transitional period from a time when "cometting the baby" was not acceptable (go mummify a monkey if you think you're into that; the temple is sacred). After Zechariah is moved out of the way the passover process is free to develop into albatrossing the bread box paschal lamb and placing comet nails on his abdomen; in an era which now also removes the arm to play the pirate party, also a previously unacceptable practice. Mummies older than that did not require to be sexually pummelled in the navel at all. Opening of Yasir Arafat's tomb serves multiple purposes. Among them the practice is a show to verify (without arguing "sandbox") that heaven and hell are not able to claim the contents of that box. Another is to verify that the rainbowtards did indeed successfully create a motionless mummy and that David has not at all begun to move again.

When Zechariah is killed not all of the killed Zechariahs are eligible to be turned into a full David high priest type mummy. The logistical problem develops and increases in a predictable fashion which, at one time, staffed Solomon's portico with torsos. Finally, at the end of the era involving Zechariah's line, the murderous thieves resort to stuffing his body in closets or sewars. The hand also creeps out to indicate that he has not been pummelled into a motionless mummy or been shipped to the next realm yet. The hand is then cut off and the remainder of the body kicked back into the compartment. The hand continues to poke soap.

Zechariah's hand, continuing to poke soap, presents an awesome study for the monks staffing the labrythinian temples to the sky guarding the gates of hell. Attach a thread to it. Figure out how much force it has. Zechariah, as of the line in the era poking soap with a metal miracle and not a wooden stick, was known to talk of a "magnetic moment" (somewhat important in quantum mechanics), a tingling sensation that would travel up one arm, around the head, and down the other between the soap pokie and the soap bottle rocks. Interview with a soapie: "Why do you poke soap?" A: "It gives me a charge." Is there any way to test for that? Put the thread in the soap bottle. Keep working with that for a few thousand years. Are we working with generations yet? All the near dead bodies stacking up and the boxes shipping them to hell are not turning over quickly enough. That's when they begin to investigate the schooner-blender mulch motor option for the motionless parts of the bodies; Zechariahs' hands and those torsos still work. It is a good thing they put together the stewing pot of souls at this point because the humans aren't making fast anymore, their numbers are dwindling, the monkeys have exposed the art of "rolling your own" and mummifying a living booger, and the great council of paper pressers is beginning to debate the scruples of playing author of life to keep the population up.

And what to do with all of these extra hands? We have so much soap that we have warehouses of bleach now! Well, have the eunuchs hold onto as many as possible.

In all of this time that the eras of soap pokies span the firepits make anvils, and the foliage is being regimented, and blacksmiths are born. Blacksmiths work with the metals of the fire pits tended by the soap pokies. Now they have wires. The monks, preserving their experiments with disembodied pokie hands, now have metal wires to attach to the workhorses as they study for the talked about magnetic effect.

Blacksmiths, metal wires, weights and balances, smaller weights and balances, smallest weights and balances, perpetual motion experiments, pins and needles, spinning tops and elimination of friction. Estimate a length of time to: magnetism. Playing with matched weights and balances and miniaturizing everything. Solomon's temple had a metal box. Inside the metal box was an amulet with a matched listening crystal (diamonds matched to squares and boxes on Egyptian "checkerboards" in the basements of cochlear shaped subwoofer tombs containing a mother crystal diamond buried in the middle). After eras progressed the amulet was considered too heavy, reception was bad, and the crystal removed. Samuel, as a youth, learn about bad reception from the listening crystal box. The first marathon runner was also greeted with,"THAT'S NOT WHAT WE SAID!" and a permanent counsel to tell nobody of the discrepency. Later eras progressed and the crystal reception was poor, and it was discovered that suspending the crystal in the air improved reception. Then spinning the crystal, a concept which will prove useful in scientific nuclear magnetic resonance technology research. A pinwheel with a diamond. Then a pinwheel with a diamond running on the flow gases from the alchemists in the next room (temple space is tight and often shared, corporate restructuring and downsizing is common). After magnetic balance of weights with microthin wires, even with ancient blacksmiths, there is short time to incandescence. Attach a wire to that pokies' hand.

From the very first blacksmith to the light bulb there is hardly five hundred years. From a light bulb to miniaturized digital mathematics on high supply there is hardly another thousand. The only bottleneck is in refined materials out of the blacksmith's furnace.

Did you see any change at all in that thread, now a wire? Did you? Any change at all? The log book here says that the monks have been reporting their observations for thousands of years, and there was supposed to be some effect observed on that hand sometime this month. Maybe last month. Maybe next month. Did you see any? You had to make water? You had to use the lavatory? YOU FOOL!

Thus, when the kingdom of heaven brings down carnival boogers for assessment and possible life altering modifications and adjustments, they are weighed against their water.

Now the monks watching the soap pokies hand don't want to miss a beat. Thread or wire, run that line all the way to the lav. Don't miss a single moment. Eventually, incandescence, all the way to the lav.

A popularity contest, in the days of the towers guarding the gates to hell rising up through the trees, was the upper echelons of the temples and monasteries fixing the books and playing favorites based on the "Did you see any change at all in the in thread?" Hot tips were from older monks that knew what kind of schedule your assignment was expected to be on; helping you remain in the good favor of your supervisor.

Magnetic north and all of wire technology spawns from the soap pokies' hand. The wires and lines and light bulbs to the lavatory were all strung up a long time ago. The plumbing is as old as Ninevah. Sodom and Gomorrah featured, among other improvements, light fixtures and digital video. The full range of the usefulness of wire technology, including MRI mind mapping and the global digital wifi neural net, have been long moved onto big iron rack servers cemented in the bottom basement. The electronics of today's world are bits and pieces of a wizard of oz machine; on one side of the sandbox is the kingdom of heaven, on the other are modern day consumers.

Melchizedek's kingdom, the script representation of the soap pokie embodied in the scripts as Zechariah, manages the infrastructure of the wire technology kingdom over the entire earth. When the world moves to the fourth age, the kingdom of heaven is long established and the surface runs as a four hundred year carnival replaying the wheel of technology, the rainbowtards are given control of the executive and corporate staffing offices.

130626 SAB

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