Whirlpool flush

Solomon's Portico

Solomon's portico and the pool of Siloam were both staffed with individuals which had been there for a long time. They didn't have legs. People kept playing games on gatekeepers and gatekeepers kept branding them. They weren't going to make fast so eventually their legs were somewhat rotten. If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, then who could stand? The gates to hell weren't clearing their registers often enough and sometimes the body would sit inside of the closet for quite some time before the bugs would take it away. Some torsos were good-natured and friendly and were kept happily in watchman positions. The spanish bullfighters were professional torso trainers; with cigars and cigarettes. Spanish trained torsos were used by the Germans to deter foreigners from inquiring too many questions because everybody involved knew that the french royalty (specifically, the era of Louis XIV to Louis XVI) had never actually gotten in the bread box and would in no way be prepared for war.

Later work, especially with well-trained legs in conjunction with the MRI cannon, will introduce the rider model. Spanish bullfighters work on an eunuch for ten or fifteen years, then we give them remote control legs. Just go wherever your legs take you, Ms. Mary Poppins, and hope you're of a mind to do the same thing when you get there. Rider models are also very very very upset individuals; most of them have been absolutely confirmed without a doubt that they will do whatever it takes to accomplish them mission, whatever the mission happens to be, and then be shipped to death. The pop music group Iron Maiden had a pretty good set of pictures to depict all of the different characteristic faces of torsos and rider models. Makeup and new skin are amazing for charisma.

The torso problem was, at one time, so severe that near every house on the surface included its own torso waiting to be flushed to hell. Honey, the torso in the closet is making noise again! Will you get up and do something? CALL THE PLUMBER! Is your torso left, right, or center justified… with the plumber's wrench? Maybe your torso is full justified—that means the head's been knocked clean off but the barrel chest continues to make noise and the closet hasn't flushed to hell, yet. Couch cushions to whoopie cushions, once the heater steam press was operational to make new humans on demand, Sodom and Gomorrah pushed the limits of acceptable uses of a human.

130628 SAB

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