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The pirate party is a set of scripts to be conducted with only the disembodied left arm of the paschal lamb. The kingdom of heaven and the extreme inner circles of the system, on extreme rare occasion, have a similar script for the right arm. The right arm is not used for casual every-four-year pirate parties or other special event pirate parties because the blood of the covenant, for all of the regimented edible material on the planet, is drawn from the right hand and forearm.

The passover and mummification processes, at one time, did not allow for the removal of body parts or for the puncturing of the outer covering of the body; the temple was considered to be more sacred at that time and such measures were not necessary to train the human to lay still. Pharaoh's not dead, he's trained to lay still like that. The very first morticians, removing excess thread from bodies before they were claimed by the phairies, were skilled at encouraging humans to lay very still with almost no contact at all and hardly even a word. That was a long time ago. Eventually penetration of the navel was necessary, removal of the legs, full cataloging of all internal parts and organs, and, while the cataloging process was being completed, the dog began pulling on the arm. Now the subject is a one-arm bandit.

Stupid dog. Give me that arm! I'll show you what to do with it. Temple priests, especially those working on paschal lambs, were often very frustrated and upset individuals, themselves.

The practice of chicken gloving the arm became essential to the process of making a mummy; the arm, and especially Zechariah's section of the hand, would simply not quit moving.

The end of the third age of the world brings up the social class of the rainbowtards. Those could be considered as the kingdoms and minions underneath the lineages of Adam which were already sent out of the temple monasteries to become chicken brokers. Over time the liaison between the general population and the temple is known as Zechariah, the guardsman and gatekeeper for the temple. Those people which arrived begging at the gates of the temple were known to sorely whine for "Anything, anything at all, just give us what's left!" The temple really didn't have much more food either, and for the monks dedicatedly attempting to factor themselves into bricks and not go to hell, "what's left" had nothing to do with food but sounded like any parts of the paschal lamb which had not been properly beaten into motionless submission. The evolving social strata of rainbowtards was born as the beggars were counseled as to the proper usage of "what's left", the disembodied arm. There's an entire playbook of scripts to go with it.

The disembodied arm begins as asparagus with the upper arm hanging off to the side like a pirate's head-bandana. There is a social stratification in the rainbowtards depending upon which layer of the pirate party the individual participated in, what their assigned role was, and what costume the disembodied arm was wearing at the time. After much play and theatre there is a race of several saber wielding rainbowtards to catch the fleeing arm (walking on the hand, cloud nine or "thing") and hack the asparagus top off. That's "stumpy". There are other things to be done with stumpy.

Now the disembodied arm is known as "Hi-knee". After much play and theatre there is a race of several saber wielding rainbowtards to catch Hi-knee and hack off the elbow. The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" is a good approximation of the set which results from scripts involving Hi-knee (there's a Rocky Horror box cover art which shows a blow up doll, unable to find it at the moment, that's exactly Hi-knee). There are scripts to make use of "ring", the top of the elbow, after it has been hacked off. Hi-knee also gets to play in a band when the temple participates in the pirate party: Hi-knee on lead vocals, the paschal lamb's hips on the tamas, and the lower legs as guitarists.

Now the disembodied arm is known as "Lo-knee". Lo-knee is also known as the man on stilts, the tall man, riding around on cloud nine "thing". After much play and theatre there is a race of several saber wielding rainbowtards to take the legs out from under Lo-knee.

Now the disembodied arm is a the "little riblet runaway", the man on stilts without the cloud nine vehicle. The largest portion of the rainbowtard population is included in the scripts to play around with the little riblet runaway. Surprisingly, if allowed, the riblet runaway will actually manage to pick itself up and run around like a pair of chopsticks. After much play and theatre the riblet runaway is caught, the chopstick riblet twisted around and around until the jerky is too tight to twist any further, and then the riblet is placed back into the shipping vessel until the pirate party is completely finished and the parts may be returned to the temple and the paschal lamb reassembled.

Thing is exercised on a drill press for a while before the first finger is removed. That's Joshua. There are scripts to play with Joshua until the fingertip is hacked off. That's Zerubbabel, or bloody-f*cking-murder. There are scripts to play with murder.

There is an enormous amount of technology in the kingdom of heaven and many of the scenes of the book of Revelations were put together as observers recorded the happenings of the pirate party. At all stages below Hi-knee the technology is available to fit the disembodied arm with an electronic vocorder. Six wires are pounded into the bone marrow of the forearm, three on each side at regularly spaced intervals. The wires are connected to a piezoelectric midrange tweeter and, if all is properly executed and assembled, words are discernable. In modern day the MRI cannon is able to assist greatly with conversation between players and the arm. A small popcorn pellet of the paschal lamb's brain is placed on top of the exposed bone marrow from the saber chopping and the brain pellet area encased in a glass dome. The "Robot" from the American television series "Lost in Space" is exactly Loknee riding on cloud nine thing, and the "Danger, Will Robinson" audio clip is exactly taken from Loknee when Loknee is being chased around by pirate party attendees. Another important clip from the Loknee section of the pirate party is Loknee telling the entire set, in no questionable manner,"You had better learn how to walk and count like this because I am going to come back and send all of you to hell!" Walking and counting as a reference to picking up the heels, lengthening the toes, and counting in base twelve. The rainbowtards haven't taken Loknee seriously since they day they began working on their part.

There are scenes to give Loknee a drink, give Loknee a quaalude, and get Loknee completely drunk. The cantina band with Hiknee is the most popular set but, if the temple is not participating with the hips and legs, the lone dinner club singer Loknee is a heartbreaker.

The paschal lamb itself is intricately detailed and divided to register and segregate financial kingdoms according to the map and plan of the temple administration. The rainbowtards, a significant financial controlling faction of the operation of the world outside of the temple structure, are not given access to the the actual temples map of finances and priveleges. The financial structure which the rainbowtards operate on is purely their own design as they dole out portions and priveleges based upon performance and play within the pirate party scripts. All is sandboxed under the temple, sandboxed under heaven, sandboxed under hell. Privelege markers (for festival card exemptions) from the pirate party are used in the same ming vase pinata art auction system as privelege markers from the temple; all is resolved when entire pools of privelege markers are collected and redeemed.

The core event for the pirate party is that each participating member must sexually interact with the disembodied arm, in the sight of other rainbowtards and the review board, in their prescribed or assigned role. Other side events and parties of sexual debauchery are part of their secret vacation getaways to attend the pirate party.

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