Dance like marionettes


Adam is the final free standing fruit tree. Ham, the final berry bush. Isaac, the final carrot top. The the potatoes and onions and legumes and mushrooms.

Adam is the final peanut tree. Ham, the final sunflower. Isaac, the final free standing poppy. The humans didn't have a problem with heroin until the regimentation hit the surface.

In the template timing heroin is somewhat important. The obelisk method for preparing the eunuch, dated by technology and by the number of injuries, sins, and debts counted in the process, will not produce a viable workable social product until heroin is not only discovered but perfected into a pad style administrative vector. The majority of the entirety of the abuse of humankind to humankind is accomplished and working on minor variances by the time the foliage layer is cut back to eighty percent but the obelisk method and the Mary empire, the full realization of the money saved back in the Isaiah fund, is not available until heroin is an established product.

What's wrong with Seth? Why is he laying so still like that?

Years and years of experimentation with wires has led the monks to experiment with magnetic control of wires attached to muscles, specifically hands, but working into more general application and usage. Cross application of that technology with the availability of heroin has unveiled the near magical ability to reanimate a subject that has neurologically frozen due to old Scratch timing on the tongue, and other subjects as well.

The kingdom of heaven now includes a full neural net on anything shipped to the surface. Many forty day fast retreats include very structure daily regimens; and some of the participants know that they are being scanned and calibrated as they go through the motions. Have some more heroin. A forty day fast is the driest state your brain will ever be in and heroin makes your neurological controls nice and pliable for this magnetic brain ray machine was has been hacked together to try and keep track of all of the lights going on and off looking for magnetic moments on disembodied hands.

Full global wifi neural net. Remote control heroin drone automatons.

130627 SAB

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