Up up and away

Shell Game

The financial structure of the sphinx is a man made creation. It is the result of many thousands of years of managing populations of humans walking back and forth regimenting the foliage layer of the earth. The temple structure which resulted in the great architectural wonders of the world had already begun to use the passover lamb to track lineages of monetary debt. The task at the "end of the world" was then to leave behind a financial system which was infinitely variable and, to the same level of finite integers, controllable. Viewing the world financial system from the bottom level, wage or salary earning, is near impossible due to the rate at which the numbers change hands and places. View the world finances as if standing on top of the sphinx.

Three large pyramids each model a community of witches, all known to perform whatever life function and live a long full set of years leading to hell. Each brick in each pyramid also contains the scripts for a day of atonement party full of soap pokies. Two hundred soap pokies per brick. Each soap pokie is eligible to manage one or more paschal lambs. Each soap pokie is also a house. A house is the soap pokie, all his servants and employees, and all of the support systems necessary to fully support that entire population as it lives whatever life function for a long full set of years and delivers every individual to hell. The total amount of money required for any single soap pokie in any single brick is already known and the particular markings for that paschal lamb are similarly also known; the markings related to the sounds and brands and wounds and events which that paschal lamb will endure. The pashcal lamb for the soap pokies' house is also included in the known path to ship the entire community of witches to hell. Nobody ever devotes themselves to fasting; everybody does it for the money.

To give some scope, then, to how much of the sphinx, how many selections from the pyramids, are necessary to manage the running population of people in current or modern time we are provided with the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is a chip from a soap jar. At the time of the foliage layer, when the labyrinths were built to guard the gates to hell, and the towers built around the labyrinths and managed by the temple, and then the sacking of the tower temples as the foliage layer was cut down. In the beginning the full trophy of sacking a tower was to take the soap pokies' anvil from the firepit which had been there and dripping drop by drop gently molten metal down below it. Grandfather clocks could have been hundreds of feet tall; elongated hourglass anvils. When the tower temples had all been sacked and there would never again be the realm to support a firepit large enough to create such anvils as of old, then the trophy of sacking a temple was to take the soap pokies' soap jar. Then, over many thousands of years, there were no tower temples or soap pokies with jars that large any longer; the world over had plenty of soap in the back of Joseph's warehouse by that time. What to do with all these jars? Make a competition out of cracking them using these old soap pokies over here.

Soap pokie number one, the top of a house of money from a pyramid, steps in with the short miracle to lay down the foundation necessary to disturb the ceramic jar. Soap pokie number two steps in with the midrange and delivers a brutal beating to the inside. Soap pokie number three lays in with the extra long mile miracle and, with his time honored and talented scratching technique, cracks that wall right out of that jar. Those aren't languages, really, because, back at that time, soap poking was taught as almost to a blind man and the deliberate technique to ensure no lumps in the soap and even mixing to create super-oxygenated ble-ACH! had been passed down through lineages and houses and generations. Think how many soap pokies are in each brick of the pyramid. Each one had their own scratch technique.

The rosetta stone is a three stage rocket, using three soap pokies of whatever combination from the selection in the sphinx, necessary to manage the financial structure of that entire area of the world at that time. There are more than enough possibilities in the sphinx to randomize the sets for the entirety of the great wall of China, about 12 billion years.

Three stage temples of South America, three stage structures in Europe (eg. Pisa), and the three stage design of Japan are test runs to prove that the three soap pokies in that particular combination will indeed, dollar for dollar, live and run and function and perform their task and them and all of their support personnel and servants will all make their way to hell.

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