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The scriptural story of Jericho features the Israelites, recently completing their picket line against the Egyptians, wandering about in the desert looking for new employment. Moses is doing it for the money, Aaron isn't, and Tor is riding along like an aristocrat in the tent attempting to work on an ancient logic puzzle featuring four babylonian sultans, forty thieves, a passover lamb, and an entire tetris block of people all aging to hell. The Israelites are tired, hungry, hot, bothered to death by desert flies and Amalekites, and very badly wish to have a home to cook dinner and watch the sun set. Jericho presents a very tempting offer to them.

"Moses, please, let us chase these people off and have some land to sleep on."

"Can't do it. Wouldn't be prudent. Not for the money."

"Moses, PLEASE. We know it's against the law. Just let us kick these people out of here and then we'll have the Levites go back, read the books, and we'll do it the right way."

The inside joke is that Levites do not read. They are blind. Dinah's plan was to teach Simeon to read, Levi to write, and have younger Dinah carry the paperwork between the two that they could figure out an ancient logic puzzle similar to the one Tor is working on. Younger Dinah was caught in the chain of custody between Simeon and Levi, the two boys exclaimed that they were mad with desire as the young girl would always bring the paperwork when fresh from the bath, and Jacob's plan to exact full restitution was to pawn the girl off on Shechem and have his sons hillbilly the wedding night. This leads to another joke abstracted more to the descendants of the mortician, midwife, and anaesthesiologist yet wandering around inside of the mummy's tomb, the sphinx.

"We've been lost for so long inside of this maze that we cannot tell if we are on the way in or on the way out."

"Ask those guys. They're blind. They have a good sense of direction. Hey, Levites, are we on the way in or the way out."

"Uh, totally, guys… we're on the way in."

Then the eunuch brightens up and clings to the Levite's arm and exclaims,"You sure are, honey! Keep going! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

The result of Jericho was the people structured themselves into patrols and campaigns, excuses and alibis, and regimented schedules to continually patrol every inch of available land and bother to death anybody not submitting to their authority. The people created a microcosm structure of the large logic puzzle, Tor is in the tent working on it, by which everybody was already going to hell in the first place.

The entirety of the human race has been walking in schedule Jericho patrols, Tor-Ah-utes, Torah routes, tow routes, regimenting the land progressively, step by step, layer by layer, monitoring, following, and chasing all of the animals to hell, regimenting the kingdoms of the animals, for a very very long time.

The First Age. The foliage layer is near the dome of the sky. Animals, including phaeries, existed in layered kingdoms down to the surface. Hell existed below that. Humans achieved metabolic fast to espouse; consider the board game cribbage, skunk, double skunk, now how'd that happen? Humans subjected to terrible circumstances, caught by the foliage and afflicted by animals and insects, could polymorph into a dog. The resulting ritz were digestive to the vegetation and would allow the human to wrestle free. Humans could achieve metabolic fast and recover from polymorph. The devil with the blue dress is in the world; ancient humans made their way to hell and the insects began playing Mr. Potato Head with them. The devil with the blue dress features top tits, acts completely brain dead, and is perfect sexual bait for drunk humans which are not phased out by the displacement of the mammaries. The devil has a blue dress accumulated from humans which were admitted to hell, commonly known as Seth's lineage freezing on the carrot stick. The humans develop the stonehenge era employed position of mortician to ensure that, if Seth is going to suck the carrot stick for money and go into brain freeze and let the insects collect his body for hell, he is not wasting any thread on the journey. The humans are yet weaving and sewing those blankets that they do not look like tassles all the way around the edges.

The Second Age. Enter the temple eunuch. The humans no longer make fast and, for a good portion of the foliage layer of vegetation, could be considered completely homosexual. The uncovering of technology with the decimation of the foliage and the uncovering of the animal layers began with the learning of mummification from the monkeys. Eventually all of the arts necessary to create a fully functional eunuch model were learned and all of the surrounding social mechanisms were cleansed of any knowledge or argument related to such. Lucifer was high priest at the time that the system of lies was completed to provide cover for the eunuch.

"What are we topping these carrots for anyway? These phaeries keep bugging us!"

"We're trying to afford one of those eunuch models from the temple so that we don't need to be butt-f*cking faggitts anymore."

"We're never going to be able to afford one of those eunuch models working this job topping carrots!"

"But if we all work together maybe we can sell ourselves into a little debt and share one. You'll never make fast anyway! Get back to work!"

The Third Age. Hit the surface running. The carrot toppers have long finished their work. The temple monks are expecting the end of the world. There is nothing left to be done for, with, to the passover lamb. All is loss.

The Fourth Age. Gad wakes up and is very upset. The kingdom of heaven is created, the sphinx is built, and the entire surface of the planet is formed into a mock up carnival, operating on a four hundred year unveiling of the wheel of technology, to replicate the methods and idiocies by which mankind has gone to hell. Some small factions of the kingdom of heaven, on celestial occasions, raise the concern of the tower of babel and the Lord's path of metabolic perfection; usually they are shouted down as lunatics or assassinated politically as heretics.

130821 SAB

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