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The Kingdom of Hell

The kingdom of hell is the bottom of the food chain. The earth, whether it be orbital and planetary or planar and incalcuable, has always been built on top of hell. The foliage layer, populated with layers and kingdoms of all kinds of animals, at one time presented a dutiful challenge to make it to hell. The top of the food chain, humans, did exist for quite some time in bountiful harmony with the foliage layer. Then the drunks began demanding that supply routes service them as they lay in the grape juice pits and everything went to hell from there. The foliage layer was, at one time, populated with a medium between the real insects of hell and the mosquitoes of the foliage and the medium were called fairies. To preserve the structure of the languages and the important influence of conventions from Hebrew, Latin, and Eden, this will be spelled phairies.

Long before the foliage layer was cut down hell was already hard at work servicing the animals which, in their own ways, were far ahead of the humans in playing games of grudge and revenge and spite and folly and would eventually make their own way to hell. Hell is an enormous labyrinth of insects. The insects love higher orders of the food chain because they are delicious. The insects, technically, run at a metabolic rate faster than organisms which have more water but they have fewer working parts and truthfully smaller neural networks. The method to ensure the supremacy of a lower order is to lock the doors of hell. Once in there is no way out unless you are arriving in the passover lamb's cinderella's carriage, and that only because the system of carting the passover lamb around hell was developed by the phairies which are themselves not natural full time residents there. Hell was, long ago, severe enough to take the insects apart, and they were severe enough to take the animals apart, and hell was severe enough to take the phaeries apart; and all of that before hell takes a human apart. Now the phaeries have been signed into hell as a reservation population and hell itself has gone through several corporate downsizing and performance improvement plans.

Higher orders of the food chain are used as sponges in hell. Thin and watery lymphatic material, common to layered and hydrated life forms, is introduced as painlessly as possible to the (per se) mammallian subject on a regular schedule ($100 million dollars daily, green eggs and ham). With equal daily schedule a section of epidermis is peeled away from the subject and pressure applied on all sides. The subject is squeezed, like a grape, preferably without damaging rupturing, to produce a carafe standard 100 mL of drink material for the insects. Fads and trends and favorites, contests and variations in flavorings, are the neverending cycle of hell. Human subjects have been well tested and the process refined resulting in a life expectancy of near eight thousand years under normal use.

Ventilation in hell is terrible. Oxygen levels are extremely low. The sphinx and great wall pyramid system ensures that humans are able to function on low oxygen supply by progressively layering boogers into their sinuses and overall form. The process is known as aging. The subject would be no good to the purpose of hell if they would actually enter into vapor lock and truly approximate death, similar to a hard boiled mummification subject. Avogadro's number, common to chemical calculations, contains 24 significant figures. Every booger counts when calculating oxygen transfer to the bloodstream per breath, and every matched booger counts when modelling and calculating the oxygen transfer rates across all available quaternary layers, through tertiary structures, across lipid bilayers, and even to affect the properties (eg. solubility and dielectric coefficient) of primary reaction media. When humans are brought to hell they are begun on a strict regimen to knock the aging back out of them and produce high performance in low oxygen. The bugs love it.

The common denominator is that the universe does love you. The universe loves each and every one of you in a very special way. And it wants to eat you one bit at a time. Hell is the next step in the process of breaking you down.

The Lord made humans as the top of the food chain. Do not put the Lord to the test. If they are not mindful of their duty to remain there then the Lord will happily watch them go to hell. The Lord made the bugs, too.

130617 SAB

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