The rooster


Take the passover lamb. At the pirate party stage, when the legs are dismounted, and the passover lamb is nothing but a torso ready to become the one-arm bandit for ride the tiger missions. Find another suitable human subject. Surgically cold weld them together at the spine and stuff the passover lamb into the abdominal cavity. Work with miniaturized models was completed long ago during the early years of experimental mummifications.

That is one very upset individual now. Keep them surrounded with a full cast of day of atonement party characters and everybody in known routes and paths and rooms and homes and jobs. After enough time and experience practicing the art of caring for a creation such as a rooster then they become warlords. Wherever they go they have at least two hundred people in choreographed lockstep with them. They have one or more scripts which they walk through all day every day. There is a target in their scripts, like the gospel. Maybe the target is you.

Jairus is a warlord. Ja-NU-airus is not only a rooster but has the eunuch's hand daisy chained on the end of the spinal branch to boot.

Noah's ark is, in one of many castings, a time when hell attempted to work overtime, get ahead of the eight thousand year schedule, and finish all of the work in six thousand years. The consideration was that the half-dead humans were stacking up on the surface like nesting dolls.

130627 SAB

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