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The pantheon of Greek gods is often perceived to be of a timeline equal to or even predating the scripture of the holy bible. Fools. Apollo has a golden chariot? Father Abram didn't even have enough money to make a chariot! Father Abram didn't have any camels! Melchizedek, in his day of atonement party operating on Isaac, signed that primitive miracle soap pokie knife out of a property room because they didn't have a formal blacksmith making samurai swords on demand. Apollo needs a chariot to make the sun rise? Ra needs only five lines, a reference to a time when five yards of sewing or weaving was a good days' work.

The day of atonement party and sphinx system is well in place and operational by the time the Greeks are brought under the six hundred box operational structure of witches going to hell. The Greek system introduced a gauntlet of day of atonement parties. Select scripts from the entire playbook of pyramidal drama theatre are designed to reinforce one another and all work together to provide a product subject that will respond to known verse response cues in known verse response methods. Another usefulness of the Greek interview system is to instill a particular cue in an individual. If the day of atonement party identifies a weakness, and the surrounding community is positive that the they are executing their tasks properly, but the subject is not succumbing to the desired operational function then perhaps a gauntlet of day of atonement parties, a run of eight or nine sessions, will grind, pound, smooth, spackle, cement, epoxy, cold weld, hot weld, or otherwise embalm the individual in the desired behavioral mechanism. Entire sequences of Greek interview processes have been refined and established to work on all possibilities (either for, against, or as a non-trial participant in a scene) for each and every box in the law.

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