The Juicy Cerebellum is one of the first websites I ever viewed in undergrad college.

Brains. We are able to take them out. The MRI neural net continues to function and, in modern times, MRI neural net nodes may be placed directly in musculature. Humans work quite well with intact brains, anywhere. Einstein's brain is kept in a mayonnaise jar next to his butt, just like all the other eunuchs. There is an enormous amount of time, resources, money, and intellectual property involved with the assemblage of a modern day eunuch. The temple has never lost so much as a single model and neither has the midwife. Father Abram, we gave to you two eunuchs, what did you do with the other one? The eunuch's brain is soaked in green eggs oil that they perpetually feel as if they are having their brains dished out. The brains also serve as extra collateral, along with the wood of the holy cross preserved (the mass of the veneration of the wood of the holy cross on Saturday before Easter commemorates the time which the paschal lamb spends as an eunuch; only one day in the calendar year to reflect the eunuch's secret) before the surgical or obelisk method was applied, to ensure tha the eunuch has a large interest in attending passover lamb duty. However old the current body is there are some brain lines which have won the privelege to inhabit a different eunuch, a different rider, a different rooster, or to remain in the mayonnaise jar on the shelf and not be shipped to hell.

130701 SAB

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