Reference Material

Reader's Guide to the Sphinx

The Passover Lamb
- Mummification
- The Passover Wedding Night
- Life in a bread box and sometimes out of it
- The Pirate Party


Financial Structure


The Sphinx
- Adam, optional with Abraham, optional with Zechariah
- Wire technology
- Seth
+ Rooster
+ Torso, optional with arms, optional with legs
+ Heroin wire remote control
+ Walking dead remote control (not dead yet)
+ Brains
+ Zorg
+ Interspecies
- Full Glyph System


Scripting Components
- Groups
+ The sphinx
+ The four-ten kings, the forty thieves, four sultans
+ Birdcasting
+ Dedicated to sink in rauncity
- Scenes
+ The passover resurrection pole (pop media gospel)
+ The day of atonement party
+ The Greek interview system
+ The stations of the cross
- Characters
+ Januarius/Jairus Warlord
+ Pink Flamingo
+ Passover Lamb

Da Capo al Fine

130724 SAB

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