Development of architecture

The skyline epitome of the architectural model of the sphinx system of cues are the crossmembers of stonehenge. The passing of time has decorated the stonehenge model with additional cues and routes and redirects and available alternatives and created what is today known as a resurrection pole or a chicken witch pole. The increase complexity of the resurrection pole has allowed, through minimalist abstraction, for the format of significant points in the pole architectural to competently model the evolution of the passover sequence of events and encompass a financial model of near the entirety of the wage earning employed population. The corrollary to the resurrection pole is the table of the nations sytem, a format of woodhenge to distribute the cues both between each individual life path and to allow for the shuffling of cues between a network of groups designed to cover the entire planet; the entire planet surface having been completely regimented in vegetation for many generations, think hundreds or thousands.

121229 SAB

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