What's in the bread box?

The regimentation of the land provides a technical consideration in the monetary system. Did mankind ever produce and coin money of its own or has the money always been earned from the gates of hell? The evolution of the regimentation of the land and the consideration of the appearance of the mummified baby, along with the passover system of preconditioning, brings on the consideration that even the temples themselves have always earned their money through the gates of hell. The bread box is, in the oldest form, the method for collecting all of the drink which the insects, the phaeries, will pay good money for. When the "dead one" is full then it is time for steam cleaning. In later times, after the creation of the rainbowtard empire, the steam cleaning is not performed until after the pirate party (with "what's left"). In modern times an outside contracting agency handles the steam cleaning of the bread box when the contributions are full. Martin Luther's departure from the Roman Catholic church is related to his lineage, over the rotations of the carnival system, acting upon their protest raised upon learning "what's in the bread box".

The product of the bread box, the passover lamb, fills the role of the prophet. The establishment of the gospel system allows the psssover lamb to be raised from birth to death in a carefully controlled community of jobbie individuals; only select key players watching from a distance have any concept of the true nature of a passover lamb. The gospel system proves, in four different methods, that Ham will be baited into a situation to save Japheth (and be dragged to hell) (age 6-60), Isaac will woe and misery and dismay and worry through Job and eventually he will agree that he's ready to die (or will get baited into good Samaritan hotel and get rocked on the head) (age 25-45), and Jesus will be dragged down in a community of jobbies by a group of hired thugs doing it for the money, most often ultimately due to situations designed and premeditated over the course of months (Jesus, three and a half years around age 30) brought about with the involvement with alcohol. Zacchaeus is (also, among other cues) a pet name for a passover lamb, not on Ham's route, which was caught up doing something stupid before the age of twenty and closer to twelve.

The passover lamb holds the ultimate superiority in the festival system. Eating a festival plate to end the life of the passover lamb is pointless; the passover lamb's entire life is already surrounded by the complete upper echelons of the Melchizedek and bread box empires, the very people that control the festival system. Any effort by a rainbowtard or lower level festival plate individual to purchase forty thieves is going to experience competition for an already staffed area. Perhaps, like JFK or Elvis, some environmental pressures may be applied to lure the target passover lamb into the end situation (eg. Zacchaeus), but the nature of the passover lamb system is that the passover lamb, like everybody else, will more or less get himself killed (sent to hell). The lifetime of the passover lamb is to be used as the marker in the festival war of the upper echelons. Simple festival war requires the two opposing individuals to go eat the plate and then wait to see what happens; else get into a fist-fight over it. Significant discrepencies in festival level may result in complete negation of one of the attempted character assassination requests.

Modern day operation of that system includes sub-contracted positions to do the dirty work, corporate empires of heirarchy, and trade secrets on how to nudge particular roles or scripted situations to desired ends (eg. on the way to Texas to see JFK they all bought guns, not all bought bullets, not all had the right bullets, but they all bought guns). The gospel system allows the passover lamb to be completely managed as a game piece; the passover lamb will never himself know that he is part of a system of festival plates and green eggs and ham. Gospel scripture includes depictions of scenes which are part of the life of the green eggs and ham but the actual Jesus role participates only in sanitized scripts with metaphorical events to simulate the required ceremonies and may be maintained completely in a jobbie community. Jesus, maintained in the jobbie community, never knows that the mummification coat, the record of the all of the running financial covenants, with the comets and the crown of the thorns and the chicken gloved arms from the pirate party, make him eligible to call for a festival home plate on near any other individual for near any reason; this is enforced because, in the jobbie community doing it for the money, he will never participate in the religious life which brings him into contact with the temple structure managing the festival war system.

The cueing system provides that the life path of cues for those individuals inside of the bread box system are modelled as one of the trio of large pyramids.

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