Wear and Tear

Signs of Aging

The signs of aging are recorded on the human body until the human is sufficiently gummed up and broken down to merit their complete uselessness to the surface carnival and their timely introduction to the kingdom of "heaven" or straight to hell. The kingdom of "heaven", where the humans originate from the mummy steam press, also screens selected end-stage adults to assess their total performance ability according to participation in enormous marathons of the resurrection system; essentially, variations on the passover and table of the nations scripts. The table of the nations screening leaves lasting injuries in the muscovasculature of the human and before they are born into the surface carnival they have well enough filled booger pockets in their circulatory and respiratory systems that, along with their cue response training from the table of the nations, they will indeed follow their path of life to breakdown and hell.

Signs of aging may be roughly divided into two parts: the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. The realm of the living are boogers, actual physical boogers expectorated from the nose or the mouth, cleaned out of the neural passages, the vasculature passages, and the respiratory passages. The realm of the living make sound or, per se, clog and block up a particular sound and, when expetorated, are clearly visible. The brain and the sinuses act both as air and blood filters (the Lord placed the oil filter inside the carburetor, the nose) between the vasculature and the respiratory systems, the inside and the outside, within and without. The human form is extraordinarily complex and miniscule amounts of lipids, fats, nucleic and amino acids pack up in available ridges. Sufficient buildup may lead, eventually, to embolism or aneurysm at the site or when the blockage breaks free and circulates to another area. Injuries and "bad habits", improper posture or improper practices (lift with your legs and not your back) provide additional areas for plaques to collect. Before you eat you should pray, before you pray you should clean, devoted cleaning takes large emounts of time and effort. A good approximation of the general cleanliness of the body temple is measured by vocal range. The body, as a musical instrument, loses capability as edges and corners and ridges are gummed and filled; consider a room full of an entire array of orchestral instruments and their performance as they collect oil, dirt, and dust.

The realm of the dead. They're not quite pimples. They're little bumps. They itch. You get them on your cheek, on your forehead, on your scalp, on your nose, on your lips, on your buttocks. It's a bump. It hurts but, if you happen to squeeze or pave over it properly, it makes a small popping sound and you are given a feeling of relief because the itch or hurt goes away. What is it? You'll never prove it. Nobody has ever been able to biopsy that tissue and find "it" under a microscope. Sometimes you will see a small drop of blood on your fingertip left over from the "pop", sometimes you only see a small trail of liquid. The realm of the dead: you'll be lucky to see a trace and, if and when you do, you will want to show everybody immediately and prove it,"See, look! Right here!"

The realm of the dead organizes into what is known as the "necronomicon", the death icon, the pattern and image of all of the positions in which such dead pockets remain inside of your entire person. Successful voyage into metabolic fast and self-improvement will provide weeks and months of popping and removing the realm of the dead, in template layers, with entire pocket areas appearing and reappearing over the course of time. Complete recovery, from personal experience, really is about twenty or more layers of the same "necronomicon" template with significant pockets at both corners of the eyebrows, lining the ridges of the eyebrows, and in the middle of the forehead. When in general society if an individual begins picking at a bump of realm of the dead they will often be unsuccessful, damaging the dermal tissue and causing unsightly sore regions—a common social quip from peers is an exasperated "Did you get it?" If you get one you think you got "it". You didn't get "it". The necronomicon templates layered during the table of the nations give to you ten or fifteen thousand of them. Getting five or six in year is still on the way to hell.

The realm of the dead provides a useful fulcrum for social mechanisms enforcing everybody on their way to hell. Pursuing metabolic fast will cause the realm of the dead to rise and itching to pop on them will almost always lead to vicious social attacks of "quit that!" and general ostricision and ridicule from family and friends. Such social tactics will break the individual down and encourage them to re-enter a lifestyle of quiet desperate subservience. Everybody get back in line to hell.

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