Money and more

Financial control

The base level structure of social control, maintaining every individual within the proper parameters as all are aged and steered to the gates of hell, is financial superiority. Financial superiority is not only considered a product of raw numbers in investments or savings; financial superiority is a complex structure of quantity and security, in supply, storage and delivery. Any individual comparison of financial superiority is quite often a deadly contest when close or otherwise no contest at all.

The table of the nations defines approximate groups and common interactions between groups of financial control without becoming overly focused on which group in particular has that control because, at any given time, that control is known to change. The table of the nations is the result of training and screening performed in the subterranean kingdom of "heaven", god's kingdom, the dwelling place of the lineages of the ancient morticians which chose to live inside the mine and leave the surface dwellers to their own follies. The table of the nations does not specifically describe any particular heritage, lineage, or geographic distribution; correlations and similarities to nationalities are present.

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