Trees to the top

Packed to the dome

War in La Jolla, seventh year, one hundred and twenty-first entry

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The world's first patent dispute. Everything leading to it is boondoggle in the setup, everything after it is boondoggle in the filibuster. Patent for "gun which started fire". One side claims to have the "gun which started fire" and the kiln to prove it. The neurodoctors counting pharaoh to death. The other side of the same monastery (boondoggle) has "gun which started fire" on the linen as the bicycle setup for the spindle sticks to keep the thread moving through the linen.

From trees packed to the dome, trees espouse birds, birds develop as humans (take whatever amount of time to do that), humans begin to become semi-sentient and practice modelling the world around them, picking up leaves and pressing them. In the rehab routine, don't forget to roll your tongue against the roof of your mouth and press that—at the tip of the tongue there's a trick to squeeze your salivaries, that's a paper presser trick to clear the siphonies from the numb spots in your tongue. Humans, without fire, except for perhaps a lightning strike (and humans were marvelous at allowing theirs to go out) or the oracle with the eternal methane glow to them, had already walked back and forth and surfaced what they thought was the planet. They were eating the best baklava, they could warm and press the dough for the bread without a problem without fire, they had plenty of sugar and honey supply whenever necessary. They didn't have juice pits yet (coincidentally). This is a really good template to cap to Template TImeline's introduction.

The humans became bored. They could walk the routes and pick up the leaves and press the paper, but why? They had plenty. Sit back, relax. Enjoy. Breathe. Say,"Ah." They became bored.

Sit still and we'll try to knock you out. Here, start counting. Just sit still and we'll walk around you do stuff and try to knock you out. Try counting while we do it. Just keep counting. Sit still, keep counting, and we'll try to knock you out. What else are we doing? Just let us try this. We'll wake you right back up (this time, until we all, as a group of idiots, get bored doing that, because we've already done that last time). See, he's starting to skip and miss. Oh, *plonk* there he went. Okay, wake him up (this time).

Eventually, after enough this times, then you can walk through all the things you get to do to wake him up without quite waking him up yet. Sure, you could throw him to the birds and hope they carry him to the phairies, but the birds are good at knowing how to make him wake up or the trees will make him roll into a dog and then he'll never quit going. So you may learn to take him apart, all the ways, and all the things. Now the brain. When he was beginning to skip and stutter, see these boogers here? That's where he was counting. Maybe the boogers are spaced differently than the last one I showed you, but these are the same ones because we knocked him out the same way. You may learn all of the things you may do to help him get knocked out, which ways to wave your hands, how to direct his eyes, and maybe you set up some of those lines ahead of time. Begin with a throne and a canopy top, eh?

So learn where the counting boogers are. Is that speech? Well, because this is a boondoggle from a patent dispute between the neuros and the people in the linen factory, you know that you already roped the monkeys together to help you pat down all the paper. You know how to steamroll a whitebrain human. Give us one of those white-brains, and we'll put a little booger in there to begin with, warm him up, and then you can work on him like this pharaoh we're taking apart right here and you see if he counts the same numbers. Maybe he begins to limp a little on his walk, too. We'll work on trying to get him to kick out that booger, and then we'll work on knocking him down the same way we did this pharaoh we're taking apart right here.

The humans outside the model are breaking each other down and making noise from bad air. The humans managing the model break down playing with their model inside, the whitebrains get setup. The humans outside run out, the humans inside run out, the white brains staff the positions.

The history of neurological revolvers in the world. Packed, counted, numbered, prepacked, prepacked hard coded (siphon), prepacked hard coded regions develop into barns, barns develop into r-sides, r-sides develop into laws, laws are arranged in kingdoms, kingdoms in Tor, Tor into a net, a net pulled back to a canopy, the canopy topped to the stem.

The architectural lines in the model work with the position of the throne and the lanes of the canopy top.

140201 SAB

As in the St. Joseph's Edition of the NAB, I am going to begin with a footnote to a work compiled later which will assist in defining some of the concepts to follow in this book.

1. Look to the Reader's Guide to the Sphinx and a few mathematical calculations to know that Braille is an excuse system for the million monkeys already having dead eyes.

By the time they were found out, roped into chain gangs, houses, fed, medical, work schedule, the animal queers had already "beaten" them all to death. Just couldn't help themselves.

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