The road to hell

The pinnacle of the regimentation of the land and the complete choreograph of life from birth to "death" and descent into hell is embodied as the gridlord politics of Africa. Before the trees were reduced to surface level, indeed when the trees were much taller than storied skyscrapers, the path to hell included an individual's association with an animal; a familiar. The familiarity with a lower order of the food chain, either because the human refuses to leave the animal or because the human refuses to pursue a life to escape their animal escort, takes an individual to hell. Many different paths exist.

The concept of a passover lamb, using a human child as the recipient and carrier of the markings and numerical accountings of sin and covenants, was all but perfected on the monkey. The history of using mummified monkeys does not turn into mummified passover lambs until the establishment of the rainbowtard empire. The rainbowtard empire begins the practice of torsos-removing the arms and legs of the target and pronouncing them "dead"-because the actual knowledge of a mortician has long since passed out of human society and even the subterranean mine gnomes, the lineages of the ancient morticians, are powerless to do much more than encourage the victim to polymorph into a dog. A monkey, however, cannot be pirated into a torso. Dismembered limbs from lower orders of the food chain do not function as runaway fugitive parts to be chased—therefore the establishment of the rainbowtard practices brings on the usage of the mummified human baby and moving away from the mummified monkeys.

Mad monkey does not die. This is the purpose to mummify mad monkey. Cut mad monkey up, bury him, throw him in the river or the sea, mad monkey will always walk back into town ranting and raving mad and upset and angry.

African warlords which actually live on the monkey scripts are even more scarce than egyptians; inside of gridlord Africa they will live and die on their own appointed routes and cues. Outside of gridlord Africa they have the highest order of festival trump cards to play war.

The mummified monkey warlords adhere to stonehenge style scripts modelled on one of the small pyramids; also modelled as the book of Enoch.

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