Ionic and Covalent

Application of Templates to History

The comprehensive understanding of history is very complicated and very redundant if considered only in a singular linear progressive form. The very nature of transfer of energy in physics, the combination and recombination of reaction sequences in chemistry, and the ordering of genetic nucleotides to perpetuate increasingly larger forms of life is necessarily a repetitive process. Without considering the very nature of energy transfers and the construction of living genetic code, for those unable to make the necessary extrapolations, consider that the nature of activities and employment throughout history has been largely repetitious, scripted, planned, and sandboxed. The timeless structures which have proven themselves thousands of times more resilient than anything produced by modern technology are all laid out in such perfectly mathematical forms that the only method of construction would have necessarily been a repetitive and very uninteresting assembly line of miniscule and perfected job and task assignments.

The structures which remain, the languages which we speak, the habits which we practice are all a product of those thousands of years of repetitive and largely uninteresting redundancies. The complete and thorough understanding of history then requires that templates are designed to progress through the study of history else the student would become permanently trapped in reciting the events of the first millenia endlessly. Conceptual application of layered templates leads most people to search for the master template, the power template, the template with the key to get what they want. There is no master template, there is no key template, and the understanding of the templates will do absolutely nothing to assist an individual to get what they want. Understanding of the complete structure of the template system is presented that the individual understand the route which they are on and the endpoint for everything within the template system.

The templates each, over history, evolve in a side-by-side by side manner. The development of technology sets key points and combination points with which to interact with the development of the architecture, and those to interact with the development of the languages, and those to interact with the development of the mummification, and those to interact with the development of the role models. No template system has any more power or authority over any other template system but all template systems are necessary to fully understand the scope of the templates.

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