Why do bad things happen to good people?

Any individual not part of the green eggs and ham empire is deemed required to "get a job". Holy scripture includes a summary for everybody going to hell: these people are going to hell because they interact with lower orders of the food chain for big money, and these people are going to hell because they will do whatever they are told and kill each other for little money. The green eggs and ham orders of society also make a game, using their secret wire monitoring systems, torturing the lives of the employed working class folk.

In the phonie world, the green eggs and ham and above, the quip is nearly exactly true: sucking hind tit for gas money and bottom dollar. Lunch money is their own responsibility (housing and transportation is usually covered in their nation and world wide real estate collectives, housing communities, and distributed car pools). "Equal opportunity employment" represents the right of a million dollar green eggs and ham phonie to earn working wages to shore up their ill-gotten gains. Part-time jobs, especially, tend to provide lucrative exorbitant money making opportunities, often used to buy exemptions due to their own faults in the festival of booths system, and drastically reduce the wages of those people that actually need to work a job for a living. Modern day employers make use of blood analyses in the employed pool, and the antibodies for green eggs and ham are evident; the human resource departments which handle the analysis and reporting are selected such that individuals that know about the antibody analysis are all themselves part of the phonie system.

Individuals whose lives are devoted to working on an employed job for money are deliberately driven into financial demise on a regular basis or according to their adversaries in the green eggs and ham system. Jobbies that achieve complete financial and social ruination are often recycled through the system of homelessness. A retread, recycled, jobbie reentering the employed world from the state of ruination is often given the opportunity to make a "nest egg" or "secret stash" of money. They make it the green eggs and ham way but, as they do not know the ritual procedure for the green eggs and ham, they will inevitably never achieve the full million or million plus bonuses. The basic premise is that a jobbie is not given da vid and therefore the green eggs and ham is worth whatever price is offered. The jobbie, completely psychologically confused by the terrible nature of the practice, never quite reaches the realization that all of the million dollar money in the world is distributed according to such practices.

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