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Regimentation of the Earth

The study of life on the planet earth begins with the recognition of the process known as the regimenting the land. There existed a time before humans wielded tools of any craftsmanship and there existed a time when the trees were taller than the architectural structures. There is an entire evolutionary process of thousands of generations and even more years between then and now and the procedure by which the work was accomplished forms an important and inescapable layer of management to today's society.

The compendium of bible scripture serves many purposes in the functions of society. The regimentation of the land is numbered in the sequential cues and the format of the bible. Adam represents the final free standing tree; not even the final tree cut down to size but the final free standing tree that was not yet considered to be financially owned by a particular individual, family, or corporate entity. Ham represents the final free standing berry bushes. The time of Isaac features the disappearance of so much as a carrot, potato, or legume from what is considered to be publically available space.

The covenant with Noah fancifully features a rainbow during light weather precipitation. The night sky is quite different. As the flowering flora were regimented and cut down the layers upon layers of loam with flower petals began to disappear. The chemistry of the flower petals under the energy of moonlight caused a fluoroluminesence to coat the night sky. As the flower petals disappeared the night glow also disappeared much as the ozone layer is said to be disappearing today. The very first star visible in the night sky would necessarily have been assigned as the configuration of farmed produce land on the planet at the time; the entire planet having been walked over multiple times before achieving that point. Night sky constellations are crop circles.

A dramatic interpretation of the impact of the regimentation of the land quickly follows. From the first visible star to the second visible star the regimented land was controlled down to the berry bush. From the second visible star to the first visible constellation, no single farm was added or destroyed except what was controlled by the deliberate corporate empires. The regimentation of the land has been, effectively and architecturally, completed several times over before the birth of Adam. The continuation of the effort leads to the exact same conclusions.

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