Big Players

Melchizedek represents a division in the roles and cues of the scripts bringing everybody into hell. The participation in the rituals involving the snake were kept only for pharaohs, upper level Egyptians, and Melchizedek represents the enormous success of the Hebrew empire underneath the Egyptian high priests. Melchizedek's earliest lineages may have included snake but, definitely by the time Melchizedek is routinely counseling Abram, the cues of the snake have been completed removed from his role to assist in preserving the superiority of the dwindling Egyptian class; the table of the nations includes only an Egypto-Hebrew division and the modern day perception of the character of Melchizedek represents the Egypto-Hebrew division.

Melchizedek's empire includes the entirety of the wire system (non-government microphone and camera and digital monitoring and communications sytems); the wire system developed with the complete demise of the Zechariah role. The tarot card crossroads was Zechariah's role—the stonehenge crossbeam, the meeting with the temple representative to determine the remainder of an individual's course to hell, one of father Abram's debt counseling sessions. Even if not immediately artistically obvious all tarot card crossroads now have a wire; Zechariah's cues having been rearranged with the establishment of the rainbowtard empire. Significant history has passed since the wire systems were created and the Egypto-Hebrew Melchizedek role is nearly invisible to popular and media culture. The executive staffing of the wire organizations has been given to the rainbowtards but the mortician's dominant cues have been preserved in the upper echelon Melchizedek template. The establishment of the populations of wire controlled, or at least wire communicated, soldiers allows the group as a whole to fill the monkey creeper cues, perimeter cowards, hillbilly freakers, night raiders.

The chicken represents a lineage of cues descended from Adam. Adam named them all and found that the chicken was the most reliable cassette player, especially when heavily influenced by the heroin dart. After depositing the cassette in the chicken the chicken will begin to "talk" back and, especially under the influence of heroin, the similarity between the chicken and the thoughts in the head of the cassette deliverer will be several orders of magnitude worse than uncanny. If an individual is able to tolerate such mockery on a regular basis then they are given special positions in various corporate empires of the world.

Melchizedek Egypto-Hebrew role people will not all participate in the pirate party; only select members are called to fulfill deliberately scripted positions. In social contests Melchizedek players are more skilled than rainbowtards but, as the festival plate war system is all about money, they are yet financially below the rainbowtards. Pirate party individuals obtain their rights to do "things", commit crimes, through their participation in the pirate party. The Melchizedek empire obtains its privelege markers more directly from the organizations that manage the actual passover lamb bread box and gather up necessary extras to fill their scripted authorities through their participation in the pirate party.

The life paths of the big players under the Egypto-Hebrew "Melchizedek" empire are modelled as a second of the trio of large pyramids.

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