Teapot, short and stout


The progress of the regimentation of the land led to increases in social population density and environmental noise pollution. The technology and practitioner artists of the time were trained according to very demanding and strict methods and, in addition to their own scheduled breakdown and path into hell, the drastic increased in environmental noise pollution and population density bother, especially approaching the bare surface of the planet, resulted in large mistakes. The process for soaking and pressing paper from the leaves of the regimented foliage had achieved factory level processes and, on occasion, humans could be caught in the process. The overall model of career paths has always led to hell and any unfortunate pressing, rolling, and kilning was investigated and perfected as a potential route to hell. The scientific process investigation of the ability of a human being to survive pressing, rolling, and kilning was a timely addition to the methods known to track and account finances, career paths, and prospective life span until achieving hell. Modern day mummification is not an entire body wrap process. Various areas of the available fleshspace are mapped and designed to account for numbers in registers and ledgers. The detailed design number work on the surface of a mummy traces its lineage back to the confectioners decorating cakes and desserts before kiln and oven technology turned their profession largely into a novelty inside of a population demanding quantity of food.

121229 SAB

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