Technological Template

Modern day society is vey careful about presenting the concept of technology to the individual. Technologies exist, they are everywhere, they abound and create noise and light and cause people to hurry and shuffle and exclaim. The methods to acquire control of the sounds and the lights and watch people hurry and exclaim, however, are carefully guarded behind closed doors, application fees, and innumerable conflicting methods to qualify and, once qualified, to continue to prove and earn the continued right to exercise the technology. Technologies which were invented or created recently are no more easy to gain access to. Pencils require paper, computers require electricity, and anything more technologically advanced than a stick in the dirt requires certification and authorization.

Understand the progression of technologies, then, to understand that the technologies are not as new as they purport to be. Consider the character roles of the stonehenge model present in the scriptural record bible. Melchizedek, the individual fulfilling the role to tend the soap, to sit by the firepit and separate different fats and store them in different jars, to separate different ashes into different jars, to create different mixtures of different fats and different ashes and not break the jars. The role of the soap pokie is built on thousands of generations to evolve the firepit into a kiln and an oven before overhead structure has been added. The soap pokie tending different fats and different ashes is a descendant of thousands of generations of soap pokies that began by leaving fats and ashes in the most rudimentary on demand firepits possible. The entire firepit system only becomes a significant contributor to life after thousands of generations of paper pressers, without on demand firepits, already making enough paper to use and twist into rough twine, to weave into baskets, to use and press flat into softer paper, to reprocess over and over again until there's anything good enough to make thread. Only after the useage of sewing thread has progressed to superspeed spindle sticks will there be friction fire on demand. That is literally thousands of generations from the first fig leaf paper presser. The fig leaf paper presser is the tantamount perfection of the paper pressers, the Melchizedek of paper pressers. The paper pressers began only because they were collecting all of the bricken and bracken of the living trees and bushes which they were deliberately regimenting before they had fashioned tools from the firepit evolving into the blacksmith. The character role of Eden, in the bible, is the late model top of the line paper presser. There is no fire on demand until Noah, around the time when the entire world is cut down to berry bushes and the night sky is becoming visible.

Understand that all of the technologies from the crude workers cutting down trees and bushes, to making clay bricks, to making clay bricks and having any fire to warm and harden them, to making clay bricks and having on demand firepits to bake them, just work. At the time of Melchizedek, a role with a firepit built into an oven and a kiln, a house to keep warm, a waterwheel or windmill, a grindstone, and knife to show for the blacksmith's work, all of those other technologies already exist and have been perfected or are well on their way.

Once the blacksmith exists how long until magnetic technology is available? Solomon's temple had a box, similar to the Christian tabernacle. Inside the box was a pinwheel experiment. A pinwheel experiment is a scientific method application to test the minimization of mass and friction and maximize the useage of available momentum. The pinwheel in the Solomon's temple box was running on the flow gases from the alchemists in the next room. The alchemists in the next room wouldn't be the alchemists unless they had progressed from the baked clay pottery of kilns to the extra hot work of glassblowing. That's quite a bit of technology at a time not long after Moses. The technology includes the blacksmith and the glassblowers and a working model of a pinwheel experiment, and a pinwheel experiment which quite likely was already working on a premise of oscillating crystals used as transceivers (spinning crystals reduces line width, minimizes line broadening over distance, and provides for greater signal to noise). Magnetic technology is not far off, for whatever purpose; in truth the magnetic technology evolves through a much older mechanism left over when Zechariah was murdered.

When magnetic technology arrives there are fewer than five hundred years to experiments attempting to balance magnets; a wire which leads to incandescence. Technology from the first incandescance leads to digital electronics before the end of the millenia. Consider the progression of technology from 1850 to 2010.

Returning then to the scriptural bible. Melchizedek had a knife, there was a blacksmith, there would be a pinwheel experiment in Melchizedek's nation in not too many more years, and likely already were pinwheel experiments running in the temple heirarchy which Melchizedek reported to. According to the position of Melchizedek, the soap pokie with the knife, and the role which reports to him, the role which weaves blankets and sews thread, the remainder of the entirety of the world of technology just works. The paper pressers just work, if they haven't already died out because there is already enough thread to make ribbons and enough paper to be used to cover up for a sinfully brickless diet. There are no real paper pressers remaining; those who work in an employed industry do no more than what is necessary to maintain carefully tracked and controlled stock levels. A servant of another occupation that decides to spend a few hours working on a hobby pressing paper is hardly a shade of what the full stonehenge role of paper presser would have been; surrounded by the soap pokies and thread seamsters and the remainder of the firepit temple system. Melchizedek with a knife brings magnets within five hundred years, magnets bring incandescance, incandescance brings digital electronics before the end of a thousand years after the knife. Maybe a few iterations of the template are necessary to build up a bulk stock of circuit boards and refine the electroplating methods; remember that there is already enough thread to make warehouses of ribbons of any color, ribbons being made from thread that was deliberately ground to uselessness between rocks. There is already enough paper, refined and reprocessed through twine and baskets and crushed back down again, to be soft enough to use for sanitary wipes and nasal tissue.

The plumbing is as old as the Ninevah architectural model. Electricity was incorporated with the adoption of the Sodom and Gomorrah clinical trial model. Even if the individual were to read scripture as a singular linear progressive format the electrical technology has been fully installed for between five and eight thousand years. That wire technology being installed and refined inside of a pinwheel box experiment already working on wireless transmission and reception, with a spinning pinwheel to scientifically improve the signal to noise ratio.

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